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Summer Holday Homework    May-2011 Home

Summer Vacations : (Fun, Frolic, Excitement & Relaxation)

Summer holidays are one and a half month of fun; frolic and relaxation which make everyone sing 'Happy Days are here again'. Most of you must be excited about travelling and other plans too. Children get a lot of time to pursue their areas of interest by taking up various recreational activities and lot of creative and interesting work for which they rarely get time otherwise. So, it is wise to make the best use of this time by staying together with one’s family members and reinforcing bonds with them.

Let’s take a look at some of the very simple things parents can do with children of any age, during the summer vacation.

Keep them Reading
The first and probably easiest thing is to involve them in Reading. Children may then play some simple games based on the number of books they’ve read, or a group of children from the neighbourhood can meet once a month to have a “book club” style meeting where they discuss books they’ve all read together.

Teach them about managing money and taking responsibility
Give them a chance to purchase groceries and other essentials. B y letting them manage shopping you are teaching good decision making skills, money-management, basic accounting, nutrition, and planning for the future. To manage this, simply let the child fill his or her own basket at the supermarket, check out twice, and give them a small supply of cash. During this time, they pay for everything they do themselves.

Get them involved with a garden
Involve your children in planting a small vegetable garden. Simply spending a few hours a week doing this will give them an opportunity to take ownership over some aspect of the household chores. This inspires them to learn about measurement, nutrition, cooking and of course, biology.

Develop a strategy for days when weather is harsh
The ideal time for children to be exposed to “lessons” during the summer time is when the weather is rainy or stormy, and many of their favorite activities are gone for the day. If you are home with them, you could supervise them while experimenting with a new recipe for lunch. Alternatively, there are a lot of great educational and cultural videos you can show your children.

In order to make the vacations more interesting the school has also planned activities and fun worksheets which our children will surely enjoy. The projects/activities have been chosen with a lot of deliberation. It is our advice that children use their creativity, innovative ideas and imagination to shape these projects into wonderful ‘creations’.
Happy Holidays!

Holiday Homework - (May 2011)

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