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Learning – the only way to educate

Education is a gift you can give only when you keep receiving it.” It is with this firm belief with which all our workshops are hosted. Upgrading and updating the knowledge and skills of our students and teachers have ensured that they are in tune with the latest and the best that is available to make learning fun and fruitful. Our teachers are enriched with multitude of workshops ranging from leadership to craft workshop, career counseling etc.

Workshop on Organ Donation 16th October 2018 – Workshop on Organ Donation

With an aim to sensitize the students towards organ donation, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness (ORGAN), an initiative of the Parashar Foundation, a Delhi-based Non-Government Organisation, conducted a workshop at Sachdeva Global School on 16 October for the students of class XI.

The purpose of the workshop was not just to spread awareness about organ donation but also to debunk various myths and taboos associated with it. The students were made aware of the process of transplantation also, they were informed about the vital organs and tissues that can be donated.

It was an interactive and engaging session wherein the students raised their doubts and were shown clips of donor and recipients, which made a huge impact on how they can use their ‘superpowers’ to save so many lives. The workshop ended with many students pledging to carry the message of organ donation into the community.

Teacher’s Workshop on Short Reads by Scholastic 13th October 2018 – Teacher’s Workshop on Short Reads by Scholastic

Education has become an ever evolving system wherein continuous updates help in fostering the holistic development of the learner. Keeping this broader view in mind, Scholastic has always been an active partner in facilitating us with even better teaching pedagogies and techniques. Saturday, 13 October 2018, saw coming together of teaching faculties from classes- Buds-II to explore and experience the newer ways of teaching with a novel concept SHORT READS- wherein the box contains cards with different grade levels. Ms. Rachna from Scholastic elaborated on this tool which enables the teacher to assess the learner’s lexile levels, inferring the vocabulary level of the child and also helping the children to enhance on their reading and writing skills.

Career Counseling 03rd October 2018 – Career Counseling

A career counseling workshop was organized at Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka on 3rd October 2018 for classes VIII –X. Mr. Ankit Aggarwal, a faculty member of Akash Institute, Janakpuri was the spokesperson. He acquainted the students to the various fields they could opt for in their future through a power point presentation and told the students about the requirements of different fields and how they could achieve their dreams. He also gave an inspiring speech and motivated the students to be successful in the field they choose. The presentation was followed by an interactive session in which students participated enthusiastically.  The workshop was quite beneficial to the students in guiding them to choose their career options.

Workshop by Winkies 16th August 2018 – Workshop by Winkies

A child’s heart not only seeks knowledge but also yearns for fun and excitement. Keeping this fact in mind, a small workshop was held on 16th August 2018 for the students of class 3 which was organized by winkies. Winkies is a brand that gives a range of cakes with world class quality and mouthwatering taste, that you wouldn’t get anywhere. 

The workshop was taken by Ms Manisha and the other volunteers who encouraged the students to inculcate the habit of sharing things with others which will ultimately help them grow into better human beings. She also shared the idea of appreciating and valuing our mothers’ efforts that we often forget to do. Mother is like a security blanket that saves us from all the problems even before it approaches us.

 She further asked the students to share their personal experiences where they tried to put an effort to make their mother feel special. All the students participated enthusiastically in this activity.

The happiness and excitement was evident on the children’s faces. At the end of the workshop chocolate cakes were given to the students which made them more joyful.




Workshop by Winkies -The Cake Specialist 16th August 2018 – Workshop by Winkies -The Cake Specialist

A workshop by Winkies cake brand was organized for children of classes I and II in the school auditorium on August 16, 2018. Winkies introduced the brand to our little students in a fun filled manner. They talked about “Mother’s Day” and asked the kids to celebrate it every day as our mothers love us every day unconditionally. Winkies cartoon character was loved by children. All the children were given delicious cakes to eat. All the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Young Reporters for Environment 09th August 2018 – Young Reporters for Environment




The workshop for Teachers’ Training onYoung Reporters for Environment - Litterless Campaign 2018 took place at Sachdeva Global School in Dwarka, New Delhi. The session was aimed at orienting the teachers of participating schools about the YRE Litterless Campaign 2018. The workshop began with introducing the partner organizations namely Centre for Environment Education (India), Foundation for Environmental Education (Denmark), SAYEN (South Asia Youth Environment Network) and Wrigley Company Foundation.

Over 100 schools from all across India have signed up for the YRE – 2018 Litterless Campaign.

The teachers were then given a set of tasks related to the issue of waste and littering behavior. The tasks were aimed for teachers to inculcate a deeper understanding of the issue among the students in their respective schools. Since the campaign deals with environmental journalism, the teachers were also oriented about the basics of how the knowledge of reporting an issue, proposing feasible solutions, documenting the work and disseminating information can be done by the students in order to raise awareness and take a stand to protect the environment. The entries in the campaign can be given in the form of a photograph, article or a video which can be used to raise awareness, report an issue or propose a solution.

The teachers were also shown the winning entries of the previous campaign to give an overall idea of how the entries are judged nationally as well as internationally. In the concluding part, the teachers were oriented about the rules of the campaign and acceptable formats of the entries which are to be submitted by the students.

The workshop is expected to help the teachers of participating schools in the following way:-

1. It will help brainstorming with the students regarding the issue of waste and littering behavior.

2. The teachers can teach the students how to analyze and report an environmental issue in different forms across different media platforms.

3. It will help the teachers and students know about the importance of journalism in the field of environmental sustainability.

4. The school will have a chance to represent the steps taken by the management and the students in the field of waste management or environmental sustainability on an international platform like SAYEN.





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Youth Parliament 2018 01st August 2018 – Youth Parliament 2018

A prestigious event of youth parliament was organised by ‘Utthan Satta- the power of words’, at Delhi University North Campus, by the Social Science Department.

Twenty six students from Sachdeva Global School from classes VI to XI participated in the event as various ministers to discuss some of the major issues that have gripped the country, as a part of their respective committees. The entire experience enriched the intellectual experience of the students as they debated with students of various schools.

Many dignitaries and Member of Parliament were also present to motivate the students. Mr. Varun Gandhi addressed the students and ignited their minds to develop their argumentative skills. Jazbia of class VIII-C and Divyanshi of class VII-B also got verbal recognition and certificate for the same.

Disaster Management Mock Drill 01st August 2018 – Disaster Management Mock Drill

Repeated disasters in India and elsewhere have resulted in unprecedented damage and destruction to both life and property. So it is very important to be safe than sorry.

Sachdeva Global School conducted a mock drill on August 1, 2018. The teachers ensured that no time was wasted in evacuating the building immediately after the siren was heard. Once the students and staff assembled in the ground, the student leaders explained to the students the use of different extinguishers. The students were also told about the various precautions they needed to take in such an emergency. The drill aimed at ensuring that the students and staff are alert and quick in case of a disaster.

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Workshop for Teachers on Strengthening Hindi Language Skills 27th July 2018 – Workshop for Teachers on Strengthening Hindi Language Skills


‘Hindi humari matr bhasha hai, matr ek bhasha nahi’



Respecting our roots is what takes us closer to our goals sooner. Talking about the importance of language in a country goes a long way in instilling the feeling of pride among the countrymen. At SGS, regular upgradation not only occurs in the systems software, but also in the quality of our teaching faculty. Ms. Sarita Dabas, a learned Hindi faculty here, took us all through the unlearning and learning of varied intricate concepts of hindi language on Saturday, 27 July 2018. Teachers of classes- Buds-II were involved in this session right from the beginning, which touched upon the topics like Hindi varnamala, barah khadi, sounds of different Hindi letters and their new age versions of writing, which is quite in sync with the technology. The session could be seen as a success and has definitely strengthened the skill sets of the participating  teachers.


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Big Book as A Tool for Effective Learning and Phonics Workshop 28th June 2018 – Big Book as A Tool for Effective Learning and Phonics Workshop



Learning in the life of a toddler plays a crucial role in their holistic development. Stressing upon the importance of learning through varied tools, a recent workshop for teachers was organised for the teachers of SGS by a learned faculty Ms. Ira Sehgal from Scholastic organisation on 28th June 2018. She elaborated on the appropriate usage of the Reading- learning tools- Big book and Small book. She also stressed upon the importance of possessing an effective phonic understanding, which makes a major impact on the little ones evergrowing diction. She made the session interesting for the attending teachers by engaging them in an interactive activity, wherein they elaborated the given story using the Big book tool. The session was immensely useful for the teachers and enhanced their skill set manifolds.




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Abacus Workshop for Teachers 25th June 2018 – Abacus Workshop for Teachers


Learning is a never ending process and we start to learn and experience even before we enter this world. And when we are in a profession which is directly related to touching upon lives of the future generations, we as teachers are in constant urge of learning and upskilling ourselves. An in-house workshop for our mathematics faculty and teachers of classes Buds-II was organised on 25 June 2018, keeping inview the need of the hour that is to upgrade ourselves for the competitive world. The session was headed by Ms Mitali and Ms Manka. They elaborated on the usage of ABACUS - an interesting mathematical tool for solving difficult numeric problems. The session saw the participating teachers reflecting on their skills and pushing themselves to learn new ways of effective teaching.



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Workshop on Cell Biology and Haemotology 10th May 2018 – Workshop on Cell Biology and Haemotology

Workshop on Cell biology and hematology was conducted in SACHDEVA GLOBAL SCHOOL by EDUDAP on 10 MAY 2018. Workshop was conducted for class XII biology students. It was an enriching experience for students that provided extended and experiential learning in the fields of cytology and hematology.

Workshop was conducted by experienced trainers that guided the students for completion of experiments. Experiments included Barr body detection, Gram staining, Components of blood, Rhfactor, Blood grouping, Hemoglobin count. Workshop was accompanied by a presentation and handy protocol for students. Students were very inquisitive and hurdled several queries at the trainers. It was an enriching experience for students that used new techniques and instruments for completion of their experiments.

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