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Social Iniatives Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility. A society is a collection of all individuals. Just as many tiny drops become a great ocean, so the collective contribution of all individuals can make our society a place we will all want to belong to! Each individual must come forward to contribute either physically or monetarily towards society.

Charity begins at home. As it is very aptly said "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD"

Our community service program proposes to expose our students to a reality outside their own experience so that they may learn to cope with unexpected difficulties and mature in the process.

SGS encourages its students to play a constructive role in the community by being actively involved in initiatives like:

  • Adopting a monument
  • Adopting a village / park
  • Neighbourhood Traffic Committee
  • Local Cleanliness
  • Environment Awareness Campaigns

21st December 2015 – Visit to Orphanage

The students of Sachdeva Global School visited Don Bosco Orphanage (Sec-7, Dwarka) for Community service on 21st December 2015. It is a home for 118 orphans. Group of students performed a dance number to sensitize everyone for road safety measures. Globalites carried essential items, painting colors, sketch pens, books and worksheets for the orphans. The students had a wonderful experience interacting and playing with the children of the orphanage.

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23rd October 2015 – Donation to Goonj

Believing in inculcating ‘The Joy of Giving’ in each and every stakeholder of the school, a huge number of clothes, toys, shoes and bed sheets and linen were collected by the students and sent to Goonj, an NGO with whom the school has been in association for long. The staff and students of SGS hope that this contribution will make some difference to the lives of the needy and will prove to be a glimmer of hope in the festive season.

21st October 2014 - Visit to An Orphanage

"We can't help everyone bur everyone can help someone" inspired by these lines, Sachdeva Global School organized a visit to an orphanage 'Don Bosco Ashalyam', Palam Gaon on Tuesday, 21 October 2014. Students of Class VII represented the school and donated towards the noble cause by giving clothes, toys, stationeries, sweets and other eatables which had been collected from staff, students and parents. The children at the orphanage welcomed our students by singing a carol followed by singing of songs and playing of musical instruments. Students of SGS presented a Ganesh Stuti dance, which was applauded by everyone. The children of the Ashalyam of ages 6 to 17 interacted with our school students in an interactive session. Thereafter they played volleyball together. It was a humbling and joyful experience for everyone.

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2nd October 2014 - Swachhata Divas

On the call of the visionary Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi, the students and staff of Sachdeva Global School celebrated "Swachhata Divas' on 2nd October 2014 by carrying out yet another plantation drive in the park in Sector - 18A, Dwarka which has already been adopted and cleanliness taken care of by the school. The collaboration between the RWA members and the school was a step towards the Nation's goal of "Clean India, Green India".

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17th July 2014 - Sharing Bliss Workshop

"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal." Making the students realize how fortunate they are to be born in the families that can provide them good education and extend all luxuries, an interactive workshop was organized by the NGO 'Goonj' in the school on 17 July 2014. The workshop was conducting in two slots, one for classes III - V and another for the classes VI - VIII, put forth the problems of the poor and the underprivileged children from villages and slums and portrayed the miserable conditions under which they try to acquire education and survive on the whole. The students were then guided to help these children in various 'Anganwadis by giving away their unused stationary, old books and bags, clothes etc. through NGOs like Goonj students understood that the spare items locked in their cupboards actually are tiny treasures that would mean the world to someone. The workshop turned the students into more responsible and thankful beings as the ideas of sharing and empathy were understood and appreciated by them. They pledged to light many candles with their and spread joy and happiness all around.

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2nd May 2014 - A Visit to Goonj

To promote the idea of Green School and continue with its social initiatives, students of SGS of class VIII paid an enlightening visit to an NGO-Goonj on 2nd May 2014 wherein they were sensitized towards the striving lifestyle of the rural children. It aimed at materialising the concept of 3R's (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) to preserve the environment. Students were made to immerse into the deep ocean of creativity with the display of earnest efforts of the female employees of the organisation which included various programmes such as "cloth for work" & "not just a piece of cloth". The visit assimilated a sense of responsibility in the students of SGS by donating materials including woollen clothes, toys, ration items etc they felt contended and rejuvenated.

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4th April 2014 - Disaster Management Initiatives

Sachdeva Global School is well aware of its social responsibilities and the role of a school in developing socially aware and responsible citizens. Walking on this path, the school from time to time educate children about the various disasters that they may face in future and conducts mock drills to prepare its students, for unforeseen calamity that may strike, so that they can save themselves and others around them.

Recently the school conducted a mock drill to educate students about earthquakes, where teachers helped students to exit the school and assemble at the prayer ground as per the exit plan in a calm and coordinated manner. A demonstration was put up by the student and teacher volunteers from the Disaster Management Team of the school, on how to conduct oneself in case of such an occurrence.

The Do's and Don't were shared, and students attention was drawn to the fact that, Delhi lies on the active seismic fault line, which makes it prone to major earthquakes.

Considering dense population in the Delhi-NCR region, an earthquake with its epicenter in the region can cause massive damage to life and property. We cannot predict earthquakes; we can only minimize damage by being prepared.

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February 2014 - Flag Week For the Cause of The Deaf

All India Federation of the Deaf is an apex body of different affiliated organizations, spread all over India and serves the deaf community in elevating overall quality of life of the Deaf. Globally, it works with World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), Helsinki, Finland, which is in turn affiliated to UNESCO, UNICEF and ILO of United Nations Organization (UNO) to pursue their policies and programs for empowerment of persons with disabilities as per provision laid to U.N. Human Rights for the disabled.

Like every year, this year also All India Federation of the Deaf is organized 56th Flag Week from 1st February 2014 onwards for the cause of the Indian Deaf Community.

SGS Staff, Students and Parents donated whole heartily for the cause. A draft of Rs. 12,754/- was sent.

31st October 2013 - Concern for Community

The students of classes VI - X from Sachdeva Global School adopted a society park and went on a plantation drive to samrat ashoka enclave, sec-18, Dwarka.

A group of 20 students went there and owned 1 - 2 plants each. The head of the school Mrs. Novita Chopra and Academic Supervisor, Sumana Dutta initiated the drive by planting the first tree in the garden. We planted different types of palms, ashoka trees.

The students will be going to the society once a week for the maintenance of the plants. It was a small initiative by the eco club members for the betterment of our environment.

We believe in M. K. Gandhi who rightly said "Be the change you want to see in the world"

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9th October 2013 - Visit to Orphanage Home

As part of the community service initiatives of the school, a delegation of students from classes VI to VIII visited an orphanage, 'Don Bosco Ashalayam' at Palam on Wednesday, 09 October 2013. They presented a cultural programme and also gifted the children at the orphanage with clothes, books and toys collected from all students of the school. This gesture not only brought a smile to the face of each soul at the orphanage, but also created an increased sensitivity in the school children towards the need for community service. This also instilled a "spirit of giving" towards those who are not as privileged as ourselves.

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August 2013 - Donation to 'RAHAT FLOODS'

The unthinkable calamity caused by floods at Uttarakhand and its disastrous fallout in terms of life and property has left an indelible mark on the conscience of every Indian. Today, the heart of each one of us wants to reach out to help the survivors in whatever way possible. SGS in collaboration with 'Goonj', an NGO of national repute has tried to provide assistance to the ill fated people by donating to the campaign 'RAHAT FLOODS'. All parents, staff and students donated open- heartedly following items.

Tarpaulins, mosquito nets, blankets and woollens, cooking utensils, buckets, torch and batteries, umbrellas, basic medicines, water purifier tablets, crutches, candles, lanterns, feeding bottles, rope etc.

Monetary contributions were also sent to GOONJ office as a part of the social initiatives taken up by the school.

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21 February 2013 - Joy of Giving - Trip to Goonj

As part of the social initiatives of the school, a delegation of students and teachers visited Goonj, an NGO committed to social upliftment, at its Head office at Sarita Vihar on 21st February 2013. This delegation carried various articles collected by the school students as donation to the poor and underprivileged.

The visit was able to inculcate 32 brand ambassadors of Class VIII towards the noble cause for which GOONJ is working, a way in which society gives back to society. Some of the simple but effective initiatives taken up by Goonj are:

a). Vastra Samman: Reusing old clothes to solve the problems of poor to some extent.

b). Cloth for work: Turn very old charitable cloth into a resource for development work in Indian villages.

c). Not just a piece of cloth: Providing clean cloth and preventing hygiene problems in women.

d). School to School: Forging long-term strategic relationship between urban and rural schools.

e). Rahat Floods: Collecting relief for people affected by floods.

f). Rahat Winters: Winter campaign for the underprivileged.

g). Recycling: Recycling of used materials using ingenuity.

The exposure to our students for this cause ensured awareness and sensitivity towards requirements of the society. We hope that this endeavour will be a stepping stone towards students' involvement in social causes.

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11th February 2013 - Donation for a social cause

The workshop conducted in the school premises on 11th February 2013 had appealed to the students for voluntary contribution towards patients of Hemophilia.

The students empathized with the cause and a handsome amount of Rs 14300/- was collected and donated to the Hemophilia Federation India.

18th October 2012 - Rally and Street Play on Resource Conservation

Keeping in tune with the times of scarcity of natural resources, and realizing the immense potential of recycling of wastes and resource conservation, students of Sachdeva Global School, Sector 18 A, Dwarka took the initiative to reach out and educate the immediate environment about the same.

In this endeavour, on 18 October 2012, students of class - X went out to the Sector-6 market to stage a street play "Save water, Fuel, Electricity". Students of classes VII, VIII and IX also staged a march around the market, catching the eyes of young and old, in turn making them aware about the need to "Reduce, Recycle and Reuse" to make this Earth a healthier place.

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27th August 2012 - Visit to Old Age Home

Values of being respectful and caring towards the old, are ingrained in teaching learning at SGS.

A group of students representing classes V - X along with teachers visited the Old Age Home - 'Godhuli' in Dwarka.

Our students sang group songs and gave vibrant dance performances for the inmates of 'Godhuli', who felt delighted watching the entertaining programme. Some students also recited poems and cracked jokes to create a lively and light environment. All the elderly people played the games organized by SGS community, each one expecting to win the prize!

The students were praised by the elderly people, who were touched by their innocent gesture towards them. They expressed a desire that such visits be planned regularly by the school. Our students acquired a great learning experience and returned with increased sensitivity towards the aged.

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