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International Collaborative Project - Coten End, UK

In the year 2012, we took another step towards bringing the world to our classroom, when in collaboration with British Council; we undertook an international collaborative project and partnered with Coten End School, UK, on an online assignment, "From Your Window".

The project entailed the students of Grade fourth and fifth to partner with students from Coten End School and share their experiences, hobbies and photograph. After the initial ice breaker, students wrote essay and made pictures of what they observe when they look out of their window. In this project students described the area surrounding their school and home, drew pictures of the same, and expressed their opinion on what they observed. The project helped the students to understand and appreciate the difference in the surroundings, culture and lifestyle of people living in different parts of the world.

Taking the project forward, this year we have initiated a project titled, The Speaking Tree, where students of both the schools would observe the plants/trees that grow in the summer season (March - May) in UK and India respectively. Students would share their characteristics, shape, size, the conditions required to grow and flourish. Exchange and assess the information, to identify and understand reasons of how and why are they different from each other.

Letter exchanged by our students with Coten End school students: Click here

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