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Learning – the only way to educate

Education is a gift you can give only when you keep receiving it.” It is with this firm belief with which all our workshops are hosted. Upgrading and updating the knowledge and skills of our students and teachers have ensured that they are in tune with the latest and the best that is available to make learning fun and fruitful. Our teachers are enriched with multitude of workshops ranging from leadership to craft workshop, career counseling etc.

29th November 2016 – Growth Workshop

A ‘Growth Workshop’ was conducted by Nestle India Limited in partnership with Times Of India on 29th November 2016 for classes IV-VIII in Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka.

The workshop started with a talk by Ms. Sangeeta, the dietician, on significance of proteins in daily diet for growing children. It was followed by the resource team taking measurements of height and weight of all the students and individual pictures of all the children were clicked for the growth card.

The session ended with distribution of health drink to the students. The workshop provided knowledge about the role of nutrients in growth and development and various activities during the session kept students involved and exhilarated.

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October 2016 – Health and Dental Hygiene Workshop

Keeping up with its motto to provide a healthy environment for growth, SGS organized a ‘Health and Dental Hygiene Workshop’ in association with ‘Savlon Swasth India’ for the students of Classes III-V.

The workshop focussed on the importance of maintaining healthy habits. Students were explained and demonstrated the correct method of washing hands to keep them free from germs. An animated video was shown to highlight the dangers of not washing hands before meals. They were informed about preventive measures to save themselves from diseases.

In the end, students were provided with samples of Savlon soap and certificates for attending the workshop.

14th October 2016 – Workshop - BML Munjal University

On 14th October 2016, organized a workshop by BML Munjal University for the students of class XII it was conducted by Head of Marketing, BML Munjal University and Sr. Counselor, Munjal University. The workshop introduced the participating students to various soft skills needed for vocational success regardless of the career one takes up and highlighted their importance. As it was pointed out 53% of graduates in India are unemployable because of their lack of such necessary soft skills.

The most important of these skills were grouped together as the super seven-communication skills, adaptability, the yin-yang of independent competence and the ability of working in a team, an innovative and entrepreneurial approach, knowledge about a wide range of subjects, and perhaps the most important, ethics. The students were also given guidance on how they could acquire and build these skills. Without a doubt, this workshop was immensely helpful for all the students who had gathered there.

21st July 2016 – USA UNIV-QUEST

A workshop was organized by USA Univ-Quest on 21 July 2016 in the school for the students of classes IX, X and XI.

The purpose of the workshop was to bring awareness amongst the students about overseas higher education. The students were informed about various US universities and were guided about all the aspects related to admissions to US universities such as to prepare for exams like SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP and TOEFL and they cleared doubts regarding to applying for different Universities in states.

They were able to provide a dedicated, scalable, professional and focused conversion service to meet the queries of the students. They enquires of the students were responded to in a focused manner bringing in a lot of clarity.

25th June 2016 – Workshop on Life Skills

The teaching faculty of SGS got an insight into the rejuvenating zone of happiness and contentment with the lively workshop conducted by Mr. Kanwalneet Singh from “PROMISE” on 25 June 2016. It was a commendable effort to focus on the numerous ways of attaining joy in all spheres of our life. The engaging activities and whole hearted participation of the listeners made the workshop intriguing and distinct in its own way. The focus on different theories of learning through a PPT and its impact on one’s life was the most active technique for handling the real-life situations. The workshop enlightened the teachers to a great extent by opening the hidden doors of learning the delightful ways of leading life.

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24th June 2016 – Gender Sensitivity

Gender is a social construct, not a biological one, and discrimination on this basis is consequently difficult to assess and to address. Distinctions based on biological sex can be measured statistically, whereas gender differentials entail more subtle distinctions on male and female roles. Achieving gender parity (equal numbers of boys and girls) in school is just one step towards gender equality in and through education.

To equip teachers with knowledge, skills and methodologies that promote gender equality, workshop was organized on 24 June 2016, conducted by the school counselor, Ms. Avantika Sharma.

The aim of the workshop was to emphasize on the fact that Gender Sensitivity is not about comparison between girls and boys. At the same time, education for gender sensitivity benefits members of both sexes.

It helped the teachers to determine which assumptions in regard to gender are valid and which are stereotyped generalizations. To facilitate better understanding, the concepts of gender, the basic terms associated like Gender Equality, Gender Equity, Gender Discrimination etc. were also discussed. Overall, the session helped to attain a Gender neutral environment and laid a strong foundation for such discussions in the future.

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23rd June 2016 – Workshop on Effective Teaching of Social Science

‘Workshops enrich our minds and enhance our potential’, so an interactive and informative workshop was conducted by ‘Mrs. Ira Sehgal’ on 23 June 2016. She has been freelancing with TOI and conducting various workshops for teachers, students and parents for the past 16 years.

The session started with a presentation on effective teaching of Social Science. Some subject specific topics were taken and teachers were encouraged to brainstorm the teaching techniques that can make teaching-learning process efficient and effective. Overt teacher, classroom and blackboard techniques, playway, quizzing etc. were some of the methods discussed. In addition, Mrs. Sehgal shared some experiences and situations faced by the teachers and suggested ways to overcome them in the best possible manner. The teachers participated in the discussions enthusiastically, citing personal examples. The workshop was an enriching experience for all the teachers where they learnt new methods & techniques. It was enthralling to see them outpouring with enthusiasm to take the learning to their classes. In a nutshell, it was an active start towards the forthcoming session.

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21st June 2016 – Workshop on Inter Personal Skills

A workshop on Inter-Personal Skills for teachers was organized on 21 June 2016 by Mr. Ranjit Mazumdar. He keenly explained the purpose of effective communication and inter-personal skills within the working of an institution.He further elaboratedonskills which help us to- attend to relationships, balance priorities versus demands, 'wants' and 'needs', and overall build a sense of mastery and self-respect.

Learning outcomes:

To enable participants to:
  • Increase confidence in planning, structuring and enhancing work productivity.
  • Effective communication with individuals and also within groups.
  • Develop work integrity and ethics to motivate and inspire others.
  • Conflict resolution

The session was interactive and teachers were quizzed on questions related to their professional dynamics which they answered very enthusiastically. They were also explained about barriers in communication and ways to overcome it.The event provided our teachers an exciting opportunity to hone their Inter-Personal skills.

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4th April 2016 – Yakult Workshop

A workshop for class – III students was organized on 4 April 2016 by volunteers from Yakult-A probiotic drink. The volunteers keenly explained the functioning of digestive system of a Human Body. Students were quizzed on questions related to the digestive system, which they answered very enthusiastically. Students were also explained about probiotics and its health benefits. They were given free sample of Yakult Probiotic drink at the end of the workshop.

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03rd November 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Classes VI - IX

A workshop named “Science Of Light” was conducted on 3rd November 2015 for students of grade VI – IX. The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.

Students were told that 2015 is recognized as “International year of light” and the workshop was specially designed to honour this year as ‘light year’. Students understood the importance of light through various hands-on experiments and recorded their observations in their hand booklets. They learnt about various phenomenon of light such as reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, dispersion etc. They were divided in 3 teams to know the principle of telescopes, microscopes and lenses used in them.

Learning Outcomes of the workshop

1. Identifying sources of light and distinguish between them.

2. Concepts of light such as Reflection, Refraction, Total Internal Reflection, Dispersion etc.

3. Realization that our eyes also has a lens and it can be corrected using another lens if defected

4. Handling instruments like camera, binoculars, telescope and microscope – all work because of light

5. Learning about concave and convex mirrors and their working principles.

03rd November 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Classes III - V

A workshop named “Magnificent Family of the Sun” was conducted on 3rd November 2015 for students of grade III - V. The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.

Participants were introduced to Solar System objects such as Sun, planets, comets, asteroids and dwarf planets. They learnt about various facts about these objects and their place in the solar system. Students also solved puzzle of solar system objects to get clues that will help them to find these objects placed in a pool of balls called as solar family pool. With the objects found from the pool, they completed a solar system model by placing all the objects in their designated sequence.

Learning Outcomes of the workshop

1. Learning why solar system is called as family of Sun

2. Learning that the Sun acts as parent and hold the solar system objects with gravity

3. Identifying different colours of the objects in the solar system

4. Understanding and knowing the difference between comets and asteroids and also between planets and dwarf planets

5. Understanding the spherical shape of the planets with other major characteristics

03rd November 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Classes I - II

A workshop named “Discovering the Skies” was conducted on 3rd November 2015 for students of grade I - II. 74 Students attended this workshop. The duration of the workshop was of 90 minutes.

It is a fun filled workshop designed for the young minds to understand what lies above us and the far beyond. Students were be able to define the divisions in the skies, understand each level with its uniqueness and deduce what and where Space lies.

Learning Outcomes of the workshop

1. Learning to define the sky and its layers.

2. Learning to differentiate between atmosphere and space.

3. Learning about the various objects found at different layers.

4. Understanding why sun, moon and earth are called heavenly objects.

5. Subconsciously realizing that everything is a part of space.

(15 – 16) October 2015 – Annual Athletic Meet 2015

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and hard-to-find alloy called guts.”

Annual Athletic Meet is a pure reflection of sheer skill, hard work, commitment and perseverance a sportsman dedicate to a sport. 15th and 16th October 2015 will be marked in the history of Sachdeva Global School as a landmark in the growth of our global institution. Our Vice chairman Mr. Anil Sachdeva addressed our young enthusiasts and pushed them even harder to perform with the even soaring fighting spirits. The day began on a very vibrant note with a calming performance by our Yoga enthusiasts, which was followed by a scintillating show put up by the students of Rope Skipping Federation of India. One of our three National champions Kartikay Rao also performed with the Rope Skipping team and left the enthralling crowd wanting for more. The show also saw a breath taking presentation by our speeding stars on wheels, showcasing tremendously flawless artistic skills with varied formations. The races for the classes-Buds to III took place on 15th October 2015, Thursday. Day-2 saw our sporting enthusiasts performing with zeal in races ranging from a comparative simpler Lemon and spoon race to as hard as the 200 mtrs. race with pushups and hurdles. Sport is an amazing way to unwind ourselves of the stresses of our ruffled lives, leading us to an enlightened version of our own selves. Writing off this year’s success stories with the much awaited Prize Distribution ceremony, stamped the hard work of all the contenders fighting on the field for earning those glistening medallions.

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14th October 2015 – Invention of Wheel: Life Before and After

Wheels have made human life very easy and convenient. With the invention of wheels the means of transport have become much faster and effective and long distances can be travelled with ease and comfort. But, before the invention of wheel life was a bit difficult as man travelled on foot or on animals to move from one place to another. To tell us more about the life before and after the invention of wheel an assembly was conducted by class II-A on invention of wheel: life before and after. The students portrayed how the early man used to travel when there were no wheels and how they used animals likes donkeys, ox, horses etc to move and carry loads from one place to another. They also told us about how the wheel was invented and how easy life has become after its invention. They even talked about the different means of transport and the use of wheels in it. To inculcate awareness about the importance of saving fuel the students also discussed the different measures that can be taken up to save fuel. During the assembly certificates were also given to the winners of the tux typing competition from class II.

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14th October 2015 – Creative Writing Competition

In order to give wings to expression through immersion into the valley of their thoughts and creativity, students of SGS participated with the full zeal in an Inter House Creative Writing Competition held for classes IX-XII on 14th October, 2015. The competition initiated with a brief introduction about the rules and the judgement criteria. Later, a visual input was given to the students and they were asked to put their thoughts together & spin a write up around the visual given in about 30 minutes. It would involve their own unique way including a Poem, a Story or an Essay. Finally their write ups were evaluated and the results were announced in the Assembly. It proved to be an enriching experience for the participants and their potential was utilized to the core.

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06th October 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Class III

A workshop named “Magnificent Family of Sun” was conducted on 6th October 2015 for students of grade IIII. 24 Students attended this workshop. The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.

Participants were introduced to Solar System objects such as Sun, planets, comets, asteroids and dwarf planets. They learnt about various facts about these objects and their place in the solar system. Students also solved puzzle of solar system objects to get clues that will help them to find these objects placed in a pool of balls called as solar family pool. With the objects found from the pool, they completed a solar system model by placing all the objects in their designated sequence.

Learning outcomes of the workshop

1. Understanding why solar system is called as family of Sun.

2. Learning the Sun acts as parent and hold the solar system objects with gravity.

3. Identify different colours of the objects in the solar system.

4. Learning to differentiate between comets and asteroids.

5. Learning to differentiate between planets and dwarf planets.

6. Understanding that planets are spherical in shape, either made of gas or rocks and the characteristics.

06th October 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Classes III - V

A workshop named “Rocket- A Space Vehicle” was conducted on 06 October 2015 for students of grade III - V. 66 Students attended this workshop. The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.

In this workshop, Students realized that even as simple and as omnipresent thing like air can be used as a fuel to launch rockets which flies to great heights and lengths. They learnt about the power and magic of air pressure through hands-on activities. Later they constructed their own stomp rockets and launched them in a friendly competition on the same concept of air pressure.

The whole philosophy of the workshop is

I do - I understand
I understand – I learn

Learning Outcomes of the workshop

1. Understanding space and rocket.

2. The shape and parts of a rocket.

3. Fuel used in different types of rocket.

4. Pressure exerted by air and its importance.

5. Stomp rocket and how it flies

6. Testing their own rockets

06th October 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Class II

A workshop named Lift Off was conducted on 6th October 2015 for students of grade – II. 32 students attended this workshop. The Duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.

Participants were introduced to the idea of rockets as a space vehicle and its working principle. The working principle i.e., Newton’s third law of motion was introduced and demonstrated to them through a balloon rocket and car, without actually stating the same. Once they understood it, they applied the same in different types of rockets.

Students then enjoyed working hands on to launch their own pop rocket flying high by using easily available kitchen material i.e. Eno and water, as rocket fuel.

Learning outcomes of the workshop included:
1. Understanding about space and rocket.

2. Understanding the principle behind rockets, i.e. Action – Reaction principle, through various activities.

3. The shape of a rocket.

4. Introduction to pop rockets and understanding it is also called as a rocket.

5. Launching their own pop rockets

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06th October 2015 – Space Explorer Workshop – Class I

A workshop named “Rocket 1, 2, 3… Go!” on 6 October 2015 for students of grade I. 27 Students attended this workshop. The duration of the workshop was 90 minutes.

In this workshop, Students came to know about the concept of action and reaction i.e. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which is used to fly rocket, through various activities. Through a simple balloon this principle was introduced to them, without actually stating the same.

They, then, recapitulated the concept again and again while playing various games with different gadgets like balloon rocket, balloon car, straw spinner and straw rocket, all in form of competition.

Learning outcomes of the workshop
1. Realization that rocket is a space vehicle.

2. Learning about the concept of Newton’s third law of law of motion i.e. addition reaction principle without actually stating it i.e. Action-reaction principle without actually stating it i.e. through activity.

3. This principle was reinstated in students when they participated in various competitions like balloon rocket race, balloon car race, and straw spinner and do activity with these gadgets working on Newton’s 3rd Law.

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06th October 2015 – Career Oriented Workshop

An informative & interactive school session was designed for the students of classes XI - XII; focusing majorly on the merits and need for liberal education in India by Ashoka University. The workshop aimed at learning more about the Liberal Arts.

During the session, the team members worked with the students to make them understand the prospects of higher education thus, intending to create a dialogue between the University and its prospective students, essential for building and shaping the face of a pioneering institution.

A number of interesting queries were raised which were also clarified efficiently by the key speaker Ms. Pratikshya Parimita. Finally, it ended with an inspirational address by the HoS, Ms. Sumana Dutta Sarkar, who asked the students to open up and seek help in case of any problems to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

06th October 2015 – Astronomy and Space Science Hands on Workshop

An Astronomy and Space Science Hands on Workshop was organized in association with SPACE Organization at Sachdeva Global School. The students of classes I–II participated enthusiastically in it. The workshop started with an interesting presentation followed by a set of activities. The presentation was comprehendable telling the students about “How a Rocket Flies?” The students were very active during the discussions. After that there were some activities based on the presentation. They were full of fun and frolic and were planned according to the level of the students. The students enjoyed thoroughly and learned many new things such as Rocket Launching and Movement of Air.

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07th September 2015 – Astronomy and Space Science Workshop

A 90 minute workshop was conducted by ‘SPACE’ organization on ‘Astronomy and Space Science’ for class III – X on 7th September 2015.

The students were very excited and participated with zest and zeal. They gained hands on knowledge via games and activities taken up by the organizers.

The workshop on ‘Magnificent family of Sun’ was enlightening, where the students learnt about our solar system and sequence of each planet according to their size.

Students were enthusiastic to participate in each game and activity and there was a wave of elation for getting gifts for each correct answer.

The students were most excited about the rocket launch which concluded the workshop thereby enhancing their knowledge and stirring scientific curiosity among the children.

The workshop was a hands-on learning session for all children. They had an amazing opportunity to learn, explore and experiment. These workshops would really make the students more innovative, analytical and observant in the long run and surely help them in their interdisciplinary performances.

3rd September 2015 – YAKULT Workshop

Continuing with the endeavour to make students aware of the importance of health, a workshop was organized in association with Yakult for students of classes III to V. Using the models of human digestive system, the digestive organs and their functions were explained. The queries of students were taken and a small quiz was conducted on the topic. An animated video was also shown to the students stressing upon the importance of a healthy digestive system and immunity to fight with the deadly diseases. Yakult representatives enlightened students about their probiotic drink which helps in digestion and improves immunity. At the end, students were given free samples of probiotic drink which they relished to the last sip.

13th August 2015 – Workshop “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”

A workshop aiming at the proper implementation of the PM Modi’s campaign “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” was conducted by OLX on 13th August 2015. More than 100 students of classes IX-X attended the workshop.

In order to inculcate the sense of responsibility towards keeping the nation and the surroundings clean, the student community was encouraged to present their innovative ideas to combat the problem and register it on the official website of OLX.

The incentive of rewarding the best ideas was an added motivation to all students.

29th June 2015 – Workshop ‘Google Apps for Education’

A Workshop on ‘Google Apps for education’ was conducted by the campus faculty on 29th June 2015. The teachers were made aware of the importance of Google + tools. The essence of the session was to raise the level of excellence, awareness and global access in education. The workshop was very informative. A quiz was also conducted to make the workshop more interactive.

Main key points of the workshop were:
  • Making learning magical for students
  • Empowering innovative teaching techniques
  • Create, share, and edit files in real-time.
  • Building a foundation of technology and global access
  • To update the knowledge and technical skills of teachers

In a nutshell, it was an interesting session aimed at making the teachers capable of using technology to their advantage.

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(22nd – 23rd) June 2015 – Workshop on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Grammar

It is rightly said that learning has no age bar and profession. So to keep up with the latest methodologies, a workshop on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Grammar was conducted in Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura for all the teachers of Sachdeva Schools, on 22nd and 23rd June 2015.

The spokesperson Dr. Rajender Pal explained the various tools of reading, writing and speaking. Different activities were conducted to display how students’ involvement in the class can be increased which would improve the learning process in the class. A separate session on grammar was also conducted.

Dr. Pal explained many of the grammatical concepts in detail. It was an interactive, enjoyable and learning experience.

19th June 2015 – Workshop on Assessment of Speaking and Learning Skills

An ASL Workshop was organized by Oxford University Press at Queens Valley School, Dwarka for language teachers with a stress on phonetics as well as the functional use of language. The day started with a warm-up activity, followed by a brainstorming session on the four integral skills in language teaching; namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The resource person delved into each and every aspect in detail and engaged the audience with classroom anecdotes. The phonetics session was especially enlightening, with discussion on the importance of stress, intonation and tone in conveying meaning. The workshop ended with a question answer session wherein the resource person diligently answered all the questions and even posed some to the audience.

18th June 2015 – Workshop on Positive Thinking

Coming back after a long summer break was refreshing and commencing our schedules with an out of the box workshop was more than a treat. Such workshops, wherein everyone gets to probe within themselves and explore their mental and emotional make up are rare in today’s times. This workshop broke the myth that meditation is only for the spiritually enlightened people. We all need to connect to the higher Lord through a peaceful mind and a calm heart. The session was initiated by the guest lecturer through an open house activity wherein all the teachers were requested to be at ease with themselves. The speaker also shared some breathing exercises along with postures. “A frown goes a long way, but a smile goes longer than that”, that’s the mantra. Understanding our minds better, managing our thoughts, relationship between the mind and body were few areas which were explored and engrained in this session. Worrying about the trouble is not a solution, we all need to change our outlook towards the same. A peaceful mind and a calmer soul is what is required for any individual to reach greater heights in their lives. It would suffice to say that the workshop furthered the notion of “Think positive, Do positive, Be positive.”

25th March 2015 – Workshop of Health & Fitness

In an effort towards maintaining a healthy team of teachers, A workshop on health and fitness called ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ was organized in SGS on 25th March 2015. The teachers brimmed with enthusiasm and energy, as the workshop was scheduled at 08:00 in the morning. The session was divided into three parts of 45 minutes each. The first session was an exercise session involving cardio and pushups. It was a rather enchanting sight to see the entire staff following the guidelines of the resource person Mr. Vikas Soni and prodding him for the correct posture. The second session was an informative one where the speaker informed the audience of the nutritional quality of food items and also busted a number of myths associated with crash diets and weight loss programs. The teachers listened intently and some could be seen jotting down notes diligently. Finally, the third session was a question/answer session, wherein the teachers put forward their doubts regarding health and nutrition. All the queries were effectively answered by Mr. Vikas Soni and the workshop came to end.

In a nutshell, it was an enriching session after which the teachers were left feeling rejuvenated and active for the rest of the day. It was a unique session as not only where the teachers theoretically informed about the benefit of certain exercises, but were also made to do those exercises. They were left yearning for more when the session ended and could be heard taking about it in animated tones throughout the day.

21st March 2015 – Orientation Programme

The Orientation Programme was held on 21st March 2015 to introduce parents of new Kindergarten children to the culture of SGS school. The event witnessed the presence of Kindergarten parents along with their little ones who also arrived with them. Numerous fun filled activities were organized which kept the toddlers busy and happy.

The Vice Chairman, Sh. Anil Sachdeva, graced the occasion with his inspiring words, where he focused on the joint partnership of parents and the school in nurturing children’s holistic development.

The parents were acquainted with the teaching methodologies, International policies, Global exposure given to the children and various social and environmental activities initiated by the school.

The Guest speaker for the evening, Dr. Rima Sehgal, a renowned psychologist and counselor, had the gathering glued to their seats, with her gripping stories and examples on relationships. Be it husband-wife, mother-child, Teacher – Student – Parent relationship, she touched all aspects. The essence of the session was “quality time is more valuable for a child rather than providing them with material comforts and pleasures”.

The evening oriented everyone to a new beginning and set the mood for the upcoming session.

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30th December 2014 – Globalities Meet MNC’s

Giant Multinational Companies like IBM and SICAME visited our school in the last week of December 2014. The students of classes XI – XII had a great interactive session with these corporate. The session witnessed the interaction among the leading heads of these corporate and the students. The students got to know about the details of working operations in these companies. The corporate professionals discussed their marketing strategies, promotional activities, social responsibilities and training sessions for their employees in great details. Our students made an impression on them by their intellect the indelible. The students enjoyed the session a lot. Overall, it was a knowledgeable experience and once in a lifetime opportunity for the students. Write this endeavour, SGS took one step forward in bridging the gap between the student community and the industry.

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6th December 2014 – Workshop on ABACUS

SGS always takes initiative for conducting workshops for parents, teachers and children. Workshop allows the organization to get updated information on key issues are always valuable. Keeping this in mind an abacus workshop was organized for the premises on 6th December 2014. The parents were made aware of the history, importance, parts and usage of ‘Japanese Abacus’. They were provided with the worksheets and were made to practice on Abacus under the guidance of the trained Abacist teachers. The workshop was very interactive and all queries of the parents were solved. AT the end feedback forms were provided to the parents for their views and future

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22nd November 2014 – Circle Time is the Right Time

There are many ways that little kindergartners can be engaged into an activity that is so gripping and enriching. Circle time is one of them. 22nd November 2014 was the day which started off with an elaborate session on the CIRCLE TIME as an engaging activity for the young learners. The session was headed and conducted by our Academic Head, Ms. Sumana Dutta and teachers from kindergarten to class II were party to it. Since, there is no beginning or end, every individual in a circle is equal and belongs to the whole group. Expanding on this idea, the most successful circle times include acceptance, openness and non-judgmental expression of ideas.

The first stage that is the MEETING UP was initiated by Ms. Sumana Dutta by an informal activity wherein every teacher expressed their views and feelings about their co-teacher and spoke about the qualities they witnessed them. This activity saw a positive impact on all towards the close of this activity.

This was followed by the next stage that is the OPENING UP wherein the teachers were reminded of their favourite student with whom they thought they had connect in one form or the other. Be it the quietest of the students, the hyper active one or the one struggling through their learning stage, teachers have their soft notch for them.

Next to follow was the most awaited and sought after PRAISE stage which actually forms the basis of a balanced development of any individual. Taking this to the kindergartener level will definitely boost his/her confidence and willingness to participate in future endeavours without being hesitant.

As there is a full stop to every sentence, this session too saw its CLOSE with passing a tight hand shake with warm feelings in everyone’s heart for one another. So, as elaborated by our Academic Head, the various stages of the circle time were well executed and knowledge thus gained will definitely go a long way with all the teachers in imparting knowledge to the little ones.

Teachers have been using this concept to reach new young minds. A circle, being an ancient universal symbol of unity and wholeness provide identity and keeps the individuality of each student intact.

As is rightly said; A circle never ends, just like the influence of a good teacher.

15th November 2014 – Session on Moral Values

Session on Moral Values: Very informative and interactive session was organized for helping staff of the school (Drivers, Conductors, Helpers and Maids) Staff watched a video on ‘Honesty being the best policy’ through a very interesting animated story in Hindi.

HoS explained the staff the importance and necessity of being honest to the institution and motivated them to do their best. They were also made aware of Security & Safety being the top most need of the students in the school.

11th November 2014 – Career Counselling Workshop

Every student faces the question of ‘what next’ after class X and XII. Firstly to decide a stream and then to decide the graduation course!

To help these students, Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka organized a Career Counselling Session on 11th November 2014 for the students of class X. The session was headed by Mr. Ajit Bannerjee, a renowned career counselor.

He emphasized that one needs to work for one’s goals from the very beginning and for that one needs to start right from class XI where one has to make the crucial choice of selecting a stream. Choosing the right subject that matches one’s aptitude and personality itself translates into professional success. He also suggested the right way to decide what subject one is good at.

The counseling ended with an interactive question answer round. It boosted the morale and confidence and gave new direction to the students.

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20th October 2014 – Workshop on ‘Knowing Oneself’

Workshop on ‘Knowing oneself’ was conducted on 20th October 2014 for classes IX – X. It was an informative session which engaged the students and gave them an opportunity to explore the wide range of career opportunities. The resource person also dealt with the issues concerning a person’s aptitude, attitude and interests held a discussion related to the same. Finally the students were equipped with the feeling of achieving their aspirations they desire for and to work towards them.

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15th October 2014 – Counselling Session

With an aim to accomplish the objective of career development and one’s inclination towards the specified intrusion into the global world, students of class XII of SGS were offered a career counselling session by Vivek Sharma, Manager (International Relations), on 15th October 2014. The students were educated about different career options available to the students belonging to Science and Commerce streams. The different courses offered by the university and the eligibility for specific courses were also discussed. Queries and doubts of the students regarding the career options were cleared personally by him.

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24th September 2014 – Pottery Workshop

Pottery workshop was organized on 24th September 2014 for classes IV – VI in collaboration with the Hindustan Times. Students were taught various techniques of making different items such as designer pots and diyas using potter’s wheel. Their skill of creativity was enhanced as they transformed the solid mass of day with the help of the potter. Students thoroughly enjoyed this creative workshop.

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11th September 2014 – Workshop for Drivers and Helpers by IGL

Indraprastha Gas Ltd. R K Puram New Delhi have conducted ‘onsite’ “Safety Clinic” in our school premises on 11th September 2014 at 10:00 a.m. to educate school vehicle drivers & helpers regarding the safety measures one has to adhere to in respect of using the CNG Vehicles.

The objective of the safety clinic was to impart practical training to the drivers and helpers of the school regarding safety measures for using CNG & emergency control techniques.

In total 22 drivers and helpers attended the workshop. The session was very educative, informative and useful. The training given to them cleared many doubts regarding safety measures for using CNG & how to combat in case of any eventuality & contingency.

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1st August 2014 - Workshop on Financial Management

The school organized a workshop on ‘Financial Management’ on 1st August 2014 for the students of classes XI – XII. Mr. Manoj Arora, a great author and renowned personality in the field of finance, discussed at length about the importance of money in life. He initiated the workshop by asking from the students about their ambition of becoming rich and wealthy to which the students gave amazing response. The students got the opportunity to demystify some myths regarding financial management. They were also amazed at the idea of becoming a millionaire in few years if some rules of finance were followed. The workshop aimed to foster understanding among students regarding the aspects of financial management. It concluded with a Question-Answer session in which the students clarified their doubts related to the management of money and also gave wonderful answers to the questions asked by the author. All the students enjoyed the workshop. It was a very informative and learning experience for the students.

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(30-31) July 2014 – Workshop on Speaking and Learning Skills for Teachers

A workshop on the Assessment of speaking and learning skills was organized by CBSE on the (30 – 31) July 2014. Teachers from in around the capital participated with enthusiasm and one could see the auditorium brimming with energy. The resource person began the first day by an ice breaker session between the teachers. This helped us get to know each other for all of us were new to each other. This session set the tone for the rest of the day as teachers were divided into groups and did activities within their designated group. The first day centered around the idea of how a proper assessment should be carried out, its need and the key role played by linguistics in the same. The teachers became curious students as they honed their linguistic skills and tried transcribing certain words as well. The second day dealt with the parameters in assessment and how should the teacher mark a student effectively. The teachers were also given certain guidelines to be kept in mind while organizing the Speaking activity in the school. A model speaking activity was also carried out with the teachers acting as students. Overall, it was an enriching experience and all the participants looked satisfied and excited to share their knowledge with their colleagues in the school.

19th July 2014 - Parents Interactive Session

An interactive session was organized for the parents of children studying in classes Buds to II on 19 July 2014. The session began with Mrs. Novita Chopra, Head of the school highlighting the schools achievements. Some of the achievements highlighted by Mrs. Novita Chopra were:

a) The board result for classes 10 and 12 was 100%
b) The school has national level players in skating, basketball and cricket.
c) Mrs. Novita Chopra along with 11 students visited a school in Orlando during the summer vacations.

During the interactive session Mrs. Novita Chopra also discussed the parent’s feedback and told the parents that they can see the summarizations and the activities organized for the children by logging on to the school website and they can see the pictures and videos uploaded for the same. Also, it was told that the website of the school is updated on a regular basis.
One of the important points taken up by Mrs. Novita Chopra was that the parents should send their ward in the school bus only as in vans the safety of children is a matter of concern because once the children leave school with the van drivers after that the teachers are nowhere around the children. Whereas, in the school transport teachers are there with the students to drop them back and the safety of the children is ensured.
At the end of the session mother of Supash Poddar studying in class I-C thanked Mrs. Novita Chopra for a better school management and also thanked the teacher for understanding her child’s psychology and improving upon him.

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17th July 2014 – Sharing Bliss Workshop

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” Making the students realize how fortunate they are to be born in the families that can provide them good education and extend all luxuries, an interactive workshop was organized by the NGO ‘Goonj’ in the school on 17 July 2014. The workshop was conducting in two slots, one for classes III – V and another for the classes VI – VIII, put forth the problems of the poor and the underprivileged children from villages and slums and portrayed the miserable conditions under which they try to acquire education and survive on the whole. The students were then guided to help these children in various ‘Anganwadis by giving away their unused stationary, old books and bags, clothes etc. through NGOs like Goonj students understood that the spare items locked in their cupboards actually are tiny treasures that would mean the world to someone. The workshop turned the students into more responsible and thankful beings as the ideas of sharing and empathy were understood and appreciated by them. They pledged to light many candles with their and spread joy and happiness all around.

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16th July 2014 - Healthy Skin For Life

A workshop on ‘’Healthy Skin for Life’’- Adolescent Skin Care was organized for the students of Classes VI - X at Sachdeva Global School, Sec-18A, Dwarka on 16th July 2014 by DERMA WORLD SKIN CLINIC.

The aim of the workshop was to acquaint the students with the ‘Myths and Facts’ related to skin regime.

A healthy young looking skin is a real boost to one’s self confidence and reflects one’s well being.

The students enthusiastically participated in the aesthetic workshop and shared their doubts and queries related to adolescence which included acne, pimples, dandruff and hair care. The resource person, Dr. Rohit Batra M. D. Skin Consultant Dermatologist conducted the workshop in a very warm and friendly environment and discussed a wide spectrum of General Skin Care Tips.

The workshop was appreciated by one and all.

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11th July 2014 - Workshop for Drivers and Helpers

A very interesting and interactive e workshop was conducted by the School Head Novita Chopra ma’am for our transport department employees, mainly the drivers and conductors. The session began with an interactive session in which Novita ma’am went to explain in details the importance of the role of our drivers and conductors. She also showed them videos about the challenging conditions of Indian roads and applauded their efforts in keeping the students and staff of SGS safe and happy. She encouraged them to keep working with all their hearts. The session was made even more interesting with a game that the driver - conductor teams participated in. The drivers were given a picture each and they were not supposed to show it to the helpers. Drivers were expected to describe the picture and helpers were asked to draw the picture on the sheets provided. This game was to help them understand how important effective communication is between the driver and helper in a bus for it to function smoothly.

After this the school counselor showed them a short movie educating about Indian laws in helping a road accident victim and talked about how one must address parents, teachers and other staff. Thus the session ended on a high note with a refreshing break from the routine work for our drivers and bus helpers in the SGS family.

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10th July 2014 - Joey’s Laboratory

With an aim of motivating students of classes III- V and to cultivate a scientific and analytical mind, Sachdeva Global School organized a workshop on 10th July 2014. The program titled ‘Joey’s Laboratory’ was introduced in this workshop by ‘Z Life Education’ group.

They demonstrated various innovative and eye catching experiments like Liquid Nitrogen Show, Bubble Mania, Blower Activity etc.

The experiments caught the attention and interest of the students and were appreciated by all. Students were also given registration forms to become member of Joey’s Laboratory – Science Club.

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28th June 2014 - HT Workshop: The Way to Happiness

To inoculate happy and healthy human beings, it is imperative that their mentors. Lead a happy, peaceful and centered life. Towards this end. SGS tilled “Way to Happiness” in association with “The way to Foundation India” on 28th July 2014.

It was an illuminating session with the speaker, Mr. Rohit Sharma, having the teachers glued to their seats through the medium of videos, games and discussions. The session started at 09:30 in the morning with a discussion on happiness and justice. There were videos with brief anecdote demonstrating twenty one key ideas to attain happiness in life. These ideas revolved around interpersonal relationships, moral values and ethics. The entire workshop claimed to provide a common sense guide to a better living. The teachers participated in the discussions enthusiastically and had an enriching interactive session with the speaker. They brainstormed about the meaning of justice, values, morality and various other significant issues. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session and pitched in with different suggestions. In a nutshell, it was an active start towards the forthcoming session.

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(24th - 27th) June 2014 - ABACUS Workshop

In an endeavour to materialize the concept of a performing teacher, Sachdeva Global School conducted an intensive workshop dwelling upon the maxims of Abacus. It was a full-fledged 4-day certified programme from 24th June to 27th June for the teachers of classes Buds – II from Sachdeva Global School, Queens Valley School & S R World School. The workshop was an enriching experience inclusive of the comprehensive calculations followed by a thorough practice in the form of worksheets. It proved to be a boon leading to its crux through the evaluation of teachers in the form of a viva and a written test. Eventually the HoS of Sachdeva Global School, Mrs. Novita Chopra applauded the teachers’ efforts by giving away the certificates. In a nutshell, it served its motto of making abacus operational in the classroom situation for optimum learning.

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24th June 2014 – Workshop on Student Teacher Rapport

Who is a teacher? It is not someone who merely teaches or preaches, but one who inspires the students to put forth their best. In this sense, she is a facilitator and guide. But she also needs to be a friend, a compassionate figure and an ideal to follow. So it is important for a teacher to have a good rapport with the students. In order to ensure this, Sachdeva Global School organized a workshop on ‘Student Teacher Rapport’ on 24 June 2014 in collaboration with the Times of India. Mrs. Vandana Tandon was the spokesperson. She stressed on the importance of body language and stated that a teacher who is confident and has a smile on her face is the one who is able to win over the students.

She emphasized that a teacher needs to encourage and motivate every student in the class, and appreciate their good work.

In this interactive workshop, it was unanimously agreed that tone and voice modulation play a very important role and affect the student teacher relation. If a teacher uses the two magical words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, she can inculcate it very easily in the students as the students observe and follow her behavior and actions very minutely.

The workshop was successful in motivating each teacher to understand, empathize with and treat each student as a distinct personality with specific personality traits. The teachers felt refreshed and had a keen sense of pride in their role in society.

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5th May 2014 - Workshop on Road Safety

Everyday people die on the roads due to reckless driving, speeding etc. and we blame the government for failing to provide good roads. But as responsible citizens we can make the roads safer for all by simply following some basic traffic rules. In order to educate the students about traffic rules, Sachdeva Global School organized a workshop on ‘Road Safety’ in May. Officials from Delhi traffic police were invited to explain to the students the importance of following traffic rules to remain safe. Students were also shown videos of some major road accidents, which acted as eye openers for them. The awareness related to risk of under aged driving was also explained to them.

Students were quite inquisitive and their queries were answered by the police officials. It was an enriching experience for the students and teachers.

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4th April 2014 - Disaster Management Initiatives

Sachdeva Global School is well aware of its social responsibilities and the role of a school in developing socially aware and responsible citizens. Walking on this path, the school from time to time educate children about the various disasters that they may face in future and conducts mock drills to prepare its students, for unforeseen calamity that may strike, so that they can save themselves and others around them.

Recently the school conducted a mock drill to educate students about earthquakes, where teachers helped students to exit the school and assemble at the prayer ground as per the exit plan in a calm and coordinated manner. A demonstration was put up by the student and teacher volunteers from the Disaster Management Team of the school, on how to conduct oneself in case of such an occurrence.

The Do’s and Don’t were shared, and students attention was drawn to the fact that, Delhi lies on the active seismic fault line, which makes it prone to major earthquakes.

Considering dense population in the Delhi-NCR region, an earthquake with its epicenter in the region can cause massive damage to life and property. We cannot predict earthquakes; we can only minimize damage by being prepared.

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18th February 2014 – Scraplabs Workshop

In order to stimulate innovative thinking and promote engineering skills among the students, a scraplabs workshop By Mr. Akshay of Scraplabs ltd. Was organised for classes VI – VIII students. Scraplabs specialises is imparting practical education to the students using ‘Learning by doing’ pedagogy. The workshop comprised practical lessons in assembling an electronic kit by the students, based on step by step instructions imparted through a presentation. The students were provided with individual take away kits to work on and were instructed to assemble electronic circuit boards comprising LED’s in series and parallel configurations.

The workshop, through very basic and limited in scope, provided a glimpse into the scraplabs methodology, which claims to make the students graduate to higher levels of designing and creating robots.

Overall it was a well conducted workshop, which saw an enthusiastic participation from the students.

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21st December 2013 – Phonetics Workshop

To develop the skill in reading and spelling among children, a phonetics workshop was conducted by the school for parents, on 21st December 2013. The workshop emphasized on the importance of phonics, sounds of alphabets, breaking of words for easy reading etc. The workshop also helped parents in knowing the relationship between spoken sounds and written letters, reading texts accurately and quickly. The session was very interactive, as many fun learning games and activities were conducted for parents, such as I-Sky, crossword puzzles, tongue twisters etc., which helped in answering their queries. Few links of alphabet songs were also shared with parents. The workshop was well appreciated by the parents and will go a long way in helping their words to develop a strong base of English Language.

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10th December 2013 – Planetarium Show (I – II)

Sachdeva Global School, headed a step ahead to widen the horizon of learning by organizing a planetarium show named, ‘The Orange Planetarium’ for the children of classes I – II on 10th December 2013.

The aim of the show was to explore and unveil the universe and its facts. The children were introduced to the world of astronomy and celestial body in the form of stories. The theme of the show was The theme of the show was ‘The stars in the sky’ for class I and ‘Chanda Mama’ for class II.

The show organized for class I depicted star stories from different sky cultures like the fascinating story of the ‘Moon’ and ‘Nakshatras’. The show titled ‘Chanda Mama’ enlightened the children with different phases of moon and how they are related to our hindu festivals. The show covered a lunar calendar as well.

It was an enriching, exciting and thrilling experience to see a high definition digital sky in school. Thus, it was appreciated and enjoyed by all.

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7th December 2013 – Astronomy Club: Time and Direction

“Time and Direction” session was based on the effective use of Sundial to tell time. Students were divided into groups and a kit was given to them. They placed the sundial on a sunny spot on the playground and marked the four points on the four edges. They then focused on the shadows formed by the sun and used it to calculate the time. At the end, students were asked few questions about where they thought the shadow would form in late afternoon. It was a great learning experience for the students .They also learnt about the role of sun in the galaxy and its use to tell time.

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6th November 2013 – Nickelodeon Workshop

Nickelodeon (commonly referred to as Nick) television network that is aimed mainly at young children, conducted a workshop with class II – III students at Sachdeva Global School on 6th November 2013.

Cartoons are a great way to challenge thinking process about an issue in young minds. Cartoons capture new ideas through humour, satire and caricature, bringing together disparate ideas or symbols. Cartoons can be used in the global education classroom to:
  • Stimulate interest and involve students
  • Challenge thinking on controversial topics
  • Analyze historical or current issues
  • Gauge understanding and attitudes
  • Develop visual literacy
Acknowledging these ideas, SGS organized an interesting workshop for young learners to engage them back in active thinking and learning after Diwali break. Students were shown some cartoon videos from the famous shows like “Motu Patlu” and “Pakdam Pakdai” airing on Nickelodeon.

It was followed by asking questions to students based on the videos, playing games and distribution of prizes. Students were filled with great energy and enthusiasm on watching their favourite cartoon series. They comprehended the videos and answered the questions excitedly. Games “Feed the Motu” and “Blindfold” were also enjoyed thoroughly by the kids. Winners got a stationery boxes, flags and stickers etc. The session was indeed filled with exciting and joyful activities for the students. The workshop also gave an idea to teachers that cartoon videos can be used as learning tool and they can serve as an easy way to stimulate interest in students across a range of literacy levels.

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31st October 2013 - Personality Development Workshop

Sachdeva Global School conducted a ‘Personality Development Workshop’ for the students of classes IX-XII on 31 October 2013. The resource person for this session was Lt. Col. Raja Dutta who is an Artillery Officer of the Indian Army. The session began with an interactive and vibrant discussion of what the word “personality” means to students. The speaker talked about dreams and aspirations instilling the message that, goals are nothing but dreams with deadlines. An introduction to what encompasses the domain of personality was talked about in order to give a better understanding of the topic and for the students to personalize this learning experience. Lt. Col. Dutta divided his speech into two main parts: ‘Dynamics of Self’ and ‘Group Dynamics’.

In the “Dynamics of Self”, intriguing questions like, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is my personality?’, ‘Do I have a balanced personality?’, ‘How to undertake self development?’ etc. were thrown to the audience to talk about. Key importance was given to increased self-awareness and the need to understand oneself better. Different personality types were talked about, where the audience was asked to recognize which is their personality type.

After this lively and interesting introduction, the speaker went on to elaborate on the need for self-awareness where each person needs to explore his/ her individual personality, value systems, beliefs and natural tendencies. He spoke about how each person is unique and emphasized on the need for self-reflection to gain better insight. The speaker spoke of five areas of self awareness which were: core self evaluation, values, learning style, attitude towards change, and emotional intelligence. He challenged the audience to move towards greater self awareness in their personal lives to be able to understand one’s strengths and plan better while making personal goals. The speaker spoke about the various defensive techniques people take when they encounter conflicting information about their self-concept and he encouraged students to allow significant others to provide insight into our own behaviors to better their understanding of themselves. The speaker also enlightened the audience with a technique to understand personality which is called ‘SWOT Analysis’. Under the larger umbrella of personality development, the speaker went on to talk about the various realms of the individual which included the mental, physical, social, spiritual and emotional aspects. The speaker also brought forth the gender differences on how boys and girls typically react under different circumstances. He encouraged the students to build their confidence by inculcating good habits of cleanliness, exercise, dressing sharply, speaking up, expressing gratitude, complimenting others, etc.

After having brainstormed on different personality types, the speaker enlightened the students with personality tips like not comparing one’s life with others, having positive thoughts, understanding one’s limitations, avoiding gossip and working on dreams when awake. He also talked about self-motivation being a state of mind which one must try to be in always to be successful in life. The speaker also stressed on the pressing need of time management in today’s busy world scenario. He spoke about the importance of time and how to manage and prioritize to ensure a productive use of one’s time and energy.

Lt. Col. Dutta also emphasizes on the pressing need of effective communication between individuals to improve relationships, avoid conflicts and establish successful passing of information from one individual to the other. He also highlighted the need to listen, understand non-verbal cues, manage stress and be emotionally aware. Thus, the speaker ended this highly interactive workshop encouraging the students to emulate what they have learnt and grow as individuals who are responsible to oneself and to others.

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31st October 2013 – Sky Observation Over Night Session

Sky observations have always been an integral part of an astronomer’s to –do list. The heavens above are a storehouse of mysteries, waiting to be unveiled. Astronomy club students got the opportunity to explore the countless beauties that adorn the night sky. On 31st October 2013 students were taken to Sariska (Tiger Den Resort) for sky observation over night session. The session started with venus observation and orientation of site. Students then enjoyed the dinner in the pleasant weather of sariska. Planispheres were given to them and they learnt how to read it. Using same planisphere they started their challenge of constellation hunting. They viewed Galaxies, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Constellations etc. Observing the changed sky on 1st November 2013, early morning was the best experience for the students. It was the wonderful chance for our young astronomers to venture into the fascinating world of astronomy.

21st October 2013 – Techunt Genius Session

A Techunt Genius Session was conducted for the students of the classes XI – XII on 21st October 2013. The speaker for the session was Mr. Amit Grover who is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore alumnus and CEO of Nurture Talent Academy.

The session started with an introductory talk followed by a video on various innovations made in recent past. The students were also involved in various creativity games which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The students were also guided on various career options based on their analytical skills, intent and creativity.

The workshop was very well taken by all the students.

14th October 2013 – Astronomy Club: Evening Sky Observation

The aspiring students of the Astronomy Club along with their parents attended an evening sky observation on 14th October 2013 conducted by Antriksh Education in the school grounds. The senior students were briefed on the working and the principles of a telescope, while the junior students were curiously involved in some fun activities.

The school field was converted to an observatory of its kind with many telescopes placed for our students and their parents. The sky seemed so near and the far away planets looked so clear through them. The students were grouped to take on the task of viewing terrestrial objects, the evening star, Planet Venus, our natural satellite, the Moon and Pole Star. The finale was done by an enthralling laser show which spell bounded every one. The parents present also saw the sky through the eager eyes of their children and sportingly participated in the quiz.

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11th September 2013 - Workshop on Nutrition

With the aim of inculcating healthy habits and importance of health and hygiene in each and every Globalite, SGS organized a workshop on Nutrition on 11 September 2013 for classes IV and V. The workshop was conducted by an NGO of repute, School Health Annual Report Programme (SHARP). With a vision of promoting healthcare of children, the resource person Ms. Rameet emphasized on the importance of fruits in maintaining a proper balance of nutrients in the body. Kiwi, a fruit that is not commonly consumed by children, but has immense nutritional value, was talked about in great detail. The session was informative and interactive and ended on a healthy note with the distribution of a fruit of kiwi to each student.

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9th October 2013 – A Rendezvous With Self (For Girls)

Sachdeva Global School conducted a workshop titled, “A rendezvous with self" for girls from classes VII - XII. The speaker for the session was Mrs. Sumana Dutta, the Academic Supervisor. She began with an ice-breaker to make her audience feel at ease with who they were from a physiological point of view. Here all the students in the workshop were made to feel comfortable and appreciate how uniquely each woman is created to be equipped to embark the beautiful journey of womanhood.

The workshop was then carried forward with the speaker giving a detailed description of the female anatomy and how the body functions at critical developmental milestones. Following this she went on to sensitize the girls about the social issues tied with puberty. She elaborated at how special and unique is the role of a woman in continuing human race. The students were motivated to treat their body with respect and be utmost cautious about their personal space being encroached upon by anyone whether from inside the family or outside. The girls were encouraged and challenged to speak up to any trustworthy adult or their friend about being abused in any form. They were appealed to demand respect when it came to their physical bodies.

The students were sensitized to the issue of objectification of women by media in various forms. They were encouraged to dress in a manner appropriate to their social setting and level of cultural maturity and openness. The fact that they needed to be safe and wise in staying away from problem areas especially after sunset was stressed on. The use of Facebook and being careful about one’s private pictures and information, cyber bullying and other cyber crimes was brought to their awareness. The workshop ended on a high note with the students having been made to go through a journey of understanding and appreciating the rights and responsibilities of being a woman.

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7th September 2013 - Life Skill Workshop

A Life skill workshop was held at Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka on 7th September, 2013 as part of the series of Orientation workshop for teachers by ‘PROMISE’. The purpose of the workshop was to help the teachers in discouraging the students from using foul language.

The workshop guided the teachers in making the students understand that foul language doesn’t make them mature and cool. Infact mature people refrain from using such language. And if they would not like others to abuse them, similarly others would not like them to use abusive language. We need to encourage the students to think before they talk.

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13th August 2013 - Financial Education Workshop

An informative workshop on financial education was held on 13th August 2013 by Mr. Mukul Jain, Representative of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). The Workshop focused on basic investment and financial terms like Shares, Debentures, Mutual funds, Financial Papers, etc. The workshop threw light on the need and importance of various financial instruments. He emphasized on the institutional framework of financial market which consist of RBI, SEBI, IRDA, FMC and PFRDA. It proved to be very fruitful and informative session for classes XI and XII.

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3rd August 2013 – Phonetics Workshop

An interactive workshop on Phonics was held on 3rd August 2013 by Ms. Monisha Gupta, who is an alumnus of the prestigious Sacred Heart Convent and Loyola School. She received an Honours degree from Indraprastha College, Delhi University. She has worked in various schools and has also been the resource person with the British Council, India Habitat Centre, Times of India and Scholastic India. She is the Master Trainer for “UK College for Teachers’ Accredited Course” on Phonics from Scholastic.

The workshop brought into light the various aspects of teaching and learning the phonics sounds. The teachers of classes Buds – II and the English faculty attended the workshop.

She emphasized that for children to be more attentive and active in the classroom, storytelling techniques, interactive games and funfilled worksheets should be used. More participation and interaction from the childrens’ end would motivate them to understand the concept and usage of phonetics.

For each and every letter, she gave verbal clues

Eg:- for letter l –roll your tongue
V – bite the lower lip
W – round mouth

To correlate the sound with the respective letter.

She also put light on the importance of sight words and how to introduce them to the students.

The workshop was really informative and thoroughly enjoyed by all the teachers.

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26th July 2013 - Life Skill Workshop for Students

A series of workshops were conducted by the Life Skill Partner “Promise” to empower the students with the ‘all – important’, life skill of being great conversationalists.

The students were made to appreciate the importance of this skill in today’s lifestyle. They were given certain tips on improving their conversation skills. They were advised to use ‘ABC’ and ‘TIS’ in their conversation wherein ‘ABC’ stands for equal emphasis on “Audience, Body Language and Content” while TIS stands for “Topic, Importance and Speaker”.

Each student was asked to present a topic publically. The same learning carried on in the classrooms where teachers asked the students to present topics related to their subjects in a similar way.

Thus it ensured complete learning of the skill of ‘public speaking’ for all students.

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(23rd – 26th) July 2013 - National Leadership Workshop 2013

S. Padmashree a student of class X along with a teacher Ms. Megha Chaudhary attended the National Leadership Workshop which held from 23rd July to 26th July at CEE Ahmedabad. The workshop was attended by 26 students selected from all over India through a three level selection process.

The workshop started with ice breaker session followed by project based learning. Next session was by Prof. Pradyumna Vyas at National Institute of Design. Students were very excited to interact with him and were clarifying many of their doubts related to the topic. After the lunch, Understanding Environment session was facilitated by Mr Pramod Sharma and Ms Annie Gregory wherein the components of environment and their interdependence were discussed. The teacher were taken to ADALAJ-STEPWELL, The well was built in 1499 A.D. by Queen Rudabai and is several stories in depth. At night, the whole group headed to IIM Ahmedabad to have an interaction with Dr. Anil Gupta, Professor, IIM Ahmedabad on Environment. The lively professor did create an atmosphere of boundless energy among the students and he said that we can’t change the world but we can definitely change ourselves. 26th July started with a session by Mr. Sanjay Joshi on communication for change. Then the students with their mentors had a group discussion with the team members of CCE on their action plans followed by the exhibition of the same. Training programe certificate was given to the teacher and the student was trained to execute the action plan in the school. It was a great learning experience!

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11th July 2013 - Astronomy Club Workshop

Students aspiring to become member of Astronomy Club of Sachdeva Global School attended a workshop conducted by Antriksh Education on ISS Earth Kam which is a NASA sponsored program started in 1996. This program allows student of middle school to request high-quality photographs of their planet taken from the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Since its creation, thousands of photographs of Earth have been taken by digital cameras on select space flights and the International Space Station. The digitized images are transmitted from orbit via a TDRSS Ku band satellite link to Johnson Space Center Mission Control.

Each student participating in this mega event was given two codes to request the photograph of his / her selected location. Students also sent messages and best wishes to the astronauts. The students felt excited and elated to be able to connect to the international community in this novel way.

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28th June 2013 – Introduction to the world of counseling and its relevance in school settings

A workshop for the teachers was conducted by the school counselor on 28th June 2013. The workshop began with an icebreaker called ‘Fact or fiction?’ This was done by asking everyone to write on a piece of paper three things about themselves which may not be known to the others participants. Two were supposed to be facts and one a fiction. This simple activity was fun, and helped the group get to know more about each other. Then Ms. Susanna talked about what counseling is and what it involves, which is knowledge of self, including attitudes, values, and feelings and the ability to recognize how and what factors affect oneself. She also emphasized on the fact that a prime factor of counseling was goodwill which is the desire to work on behalf of clients in a constructive way that ethically promotes independence. Then she introduced the concept of school counseling and how it encompasses working with students individually or in groups, working with teachers and administrators, and also with education agencies, social services, and businesses; and partnering with parents to address unique needs of specific children.

The next aspect the counselor introduced was the vital role of ethics in counseling. Firstly, she talked about confidentiality and privacy of the personal life of a child/parent/client that must be kept at all costs. The counselor and teachers in a school must inculcate a culture of mutual respect, where an individual is respected for his/her uniqueness. This was followed by interactive sessions of role plays to understand the ill effects of labeling a child. A discussion followed where the teachers who were labeled spoke about what emotions they felt. After this the counselor took the time of driving home the point of labeling, where the need to focus on the why the child behaves inappropriately is the main point rather than the child being labeled as ‘bad’, ‘undisciplined’, or ‘naughty’. She emphasized the point that tags or labels have a snow-ball effect, re-affirm the problem even more, kill self-esteem and confidence, and have life-long effects. After this intense session the counselor introduced a game for teachers where they were given a balloon and a pin. The game instruction was that they had to blow their balloon and hold it in one hand and hold the pin in the other. After everyone was ready, they had to protect their balloon and break the other participants’ balloons. The lesson behind the game was that the balloon represented one’s ego and the pin was the tiny situation or action or word that was enough to hurt another’s ego. The counselor encouraged and motivated the teachers to work as a team and to be sensitive and caring towards the feelings of their colleagues and other staff so as to increase productivity and team spirit.

Finally the counselor talked about the topic of teachers being role models and mentors. To begin this topic, she engaged the teachers in a discussion about going down the memory lane to describe about one teacher who influenced them positively in life and one negatively. A time of nostalgic revelations followed where every teacher re-lived their school days. The speaker then emphasized that it is the duty and responsibility of a teacher to maintain professionalism in his/her conduct and general demeanor. The fact that even as a teacher respect must be commanded from the students and every teacher has an audience that is always watching him/her constantly. The workshop ended on a high note where a video from the movie “To sir with love” was shown. This true story of an inspiring teacher epitomizes the role of an empathetic teacher who finally wins over his students and makes them better human beings. This workshop set the right tempo and drive to begin the new academic semester.

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27th June 2013 - Classroom Management Workshop

A very interactive and influential workshop was taken by Mr. Bhavesh Suryakant on the importance of effective classroom management which is a very important aspect of teaching. He started the session by showing a cartoon clipping which emphazied on the patience the teacher should have despite the everyday challenges they face in the classroom. He then discussed the three main qualities of the educator that is Heart, Passion and Desire to succeed. He also focussed on the fact that effective teaching lies in creating basic routines among students. He provided various techniques to deal with disruptive behaviours. At the end, an inventory was given to the teachers to evaluate their own personalities. It was an enriching and enlighting in-service training for the teachers.

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27th June 2013 - Classroom Management Workshop

A very interactive and influential workshop was taken by Mr. Bhavesh Suryakant on the importance of effective classroom management which is a very important aspect of teaching. He started the session by showing a cartoon clipping which emphazied on the patience the teacher should have despite the everyday challenges they face in the classroom. He then discussed the three main qualities of the educator that is Heart, Passion and Desire to succeed. He also focussed on the fact that effective teaching lies in creating basic routines among students. He provided various techniques to deal with disruptive behaviours. At the end, an inventory was given to the teachers to evaluate their own personalities. It was an enriching and enlighting in-service training for the teachers.

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24th June 2013 - Feedback on Robotronics Workshop

An interesting Robotronics training workshop for teachers was organized by Mr. Krishan on 24th June, 2013. This workshop focussed on designing different types of electronic sensors and circuits and using them in making manual or autonomous robots. Mr. Krishan explained that the basics of Robotics is about designing computer controlled machines that are programmed to move, manipulate objects and work while interacting with their environment. The teachers were also informed about the functioning of gear system and levels of making robots using different methods. It was an informative workshop and covered all the aspects of wired controlled robotics and wireless robotics using Robo Grammer Software.

The teachers who attended this training programme were Mrs. Geetika Pandey, Ms. Jaity Kautilya, Mrs. Nidhi Sharma and Mrs. Seema Solanki.

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22nd June 2013 - Life Skills Workshop

Sachdeva Global School has entered into a partnership with the PROMISE group who gave an inspiring life skills workshop conducted by Mr. Lokesh N. Darira and Mr. Kamaljeet Singh for all the teachers. The topic they brought alive in this interactive workshop was how to develop, “Innovative Teaching Techniques”. Their main aim was to enable the teachers to empower their students with their acquired life skills. Mr. Lokesh, the main speaker started with an important fact that seventy-five percent of a child’s personality is formed by 13-14 years. Many techniques were influenced by what the author ‘Dale Carnegie’ has followed in his books. The speaker said that the teachers who smile at the beginning of their classes tend to teach, manage and sell better. He practically asked teachers to motivate shy students to smile more to help them overcome their anxiety in public. He also emphasized upon the fact that for a speaker, the first seven seconds are crucial in connecting to any audience as a speaker in front of a group. Mr. Lokesh encouraged the teachers to create a class culture, where techniques like ‘one more time’, ‘double clap’, and ‘left arm’, etc. could be inculcated. The speaker also talked about learning is a social activity where 40% of the matter can be assimilated by the students if teachers are innovative with the layout of their lesson plans and they are more physically agile in the classroom.

The speaker challenged the teachers to move out of their comfort zones and be more creative in the way they teach their students. He brought out the concept of ‘charisma triangle’ where if a person is one who smile more, is cool, calm and contained, he/she can transform himself/herself into a charismatic leader. He also highlighted the fact that as a teacher and as a charismatic leader one must never use foul language or physically abuse another individual. Students should come to school for the right reasons he highlighted. The concept of each individual being incredible was asserted and a task was given for every teacher. The speaker motivated the teachers that after they get ready every morning to say “I am incredible and incredible things will happen to me today”. This self-motivation technique played a role in the success of the speaker’s life as per his testimony.

The other concept that Mr. Lokesh was about learn, practice, teach. The three phases in which a teacher can more than double her pupils learning capacity in class. He also gave some techniques on public speaking- ABC (audience, body language, content) and TIS (topic, importance and speaker). Using these techniques a surprise activity was conducted by Mr. Kamaljeet Singh where a few teachers who got simple topics were given the opportunity to speak about it using these techniques. Overall it was a very motivating workshop where many useful techniques and skills were imbibed. The teachers were oriented to the life skill training and made aware of the upcoming life skill workshops for classes III to XII. Thus, with an open and inspired mindset the workshop ended with renewed energy and vigor.

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21st June - 2013 - Workshop on Story Telling

With the vision of “making a positive change in society by using storytelling as a tool of culture and learning”; the Academic Head, Mrs. Sumana Dutta took an extensive session with the teachers of classes Buds to II. The workshop aimed at motivating the teachers to take up storytelling professionally as well as add entertainment value by using it as an art form.

The workshop began with the teachers revisiting their childhood memoirs of the bedtime or school story telling sessions. The sketches drawn by the teachers of their favourite story were shuffled and redistributed. Each participant had to arrive at the name of the story by looking at the illustration and taking positive help by the illustrator herself.

The importance of body language and voice modulation in story telling was drawn out by various activities. Soon, all the teachers were geared up for the final session, but, before that, Sumana Ma’am herself narrated a beautiful story, which was full of emotions, expressions and voice modulation. During this session, teachers could relate to the story emotionally. They were then made to illustrate the part of the story which appealed to them the most. Sharing of understanding was done. This session helped the teachers understand and appreciate the essentials to be a great story teller and the ingredients for an amazing story narration session.

Finally, it was time when the teachers were divided into two groups and given a task of creating a story, developing it and enacting it out. This activity saw a great deal of energy, emotions and creativity.

By the end of the day-long workshop, teachers had a sense of discovery of their own creative abilities and they were inspired to use them in their day-to-day teaching effectively.

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(21st -22nd) June 2013 – Workshop on Teachnext Software

SGS runs a smart class in every classroom in partnership with “Teachnext”. A workshop for teachers was organized on (21st -22nd) June 2013 to update the teachers about the latest changes that have been incorporated in the software and contents to make it more effective for students.

Interactive faculty-wise sessions were organized where the teachers discussed their queries and put forth suggestions for betterment. The resource person from Teachnext in turn updated the teachers about content that has been added recently.

It was one more step of SGS towards striving for excellence.

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20th June 2013 – Workshop for Teachers on Class Management

A very interesting and in-depth talk was given by Mrs. Anu Singh, on the challenges teachers have to face in a school/classroom environment. She began with a tea cup analogy where she said in order to learn new things one needs to unlearn certain things, just like a cup of tea that is full cannot be filled further. As per studies, children come with pre-recorded messages of 24,000 on an average and they tend to behave in a manner they are familiar with at home. She also mentioned that parents often unrealistically expect a teacher to have a magical wand that will transform their child into someone like “Einstein” and the likes of him. It is the duty of every teacher to remind the parent that she needs a reasonable amount of time and cooperation from the parents to bring about any transformation in children.

She also highlighted the fact kids tend to differ in the way they behave at home from the way they do in school. Many children expect the same attention they receive at home even in a classroom setting which leads to behavioral problems. The fact that parents tend to be pushy with their children in today’s competitive world was highlighted. Parents need to be encouraged to trust the teachers and their ways of teaching as a professional. She also stressed on the fact that every child has a unique personality and an in-built disposition to react to different life situations. Teachers need to be sensitive to that and try and bring out the best in the child.

A child’s IQ is always not related to his/her academic performance only. As teachers we need to be sensitive not to label children. As educationists we need to focus on the main problem/issue rather than on the symptoms. Mrs. Singh gave the example of polarized parents from the movie- “Taare Zameen Par”. Many times without us realizing children come with a lot of emotional baggage and thereby it makes the kids act those frustrations out in the class. She impressed upon the fact that respect starts at home and parents need to be role models for their children, so they can imbibe respect for their elders at an early age.

She also brought to light the fact that in today’s world “the tuition-culture” devalues the efforts of the teachers in school. School is becoming a place to have fun, making attention span of children dip lower. These parallel classes create more issues or problems in the school setting. Teachers were urged to take time to know their students. Discipline in a child needs to be inculcated. She also advocated the fact that a teacher must make clear lines with regards to a teacher-student relationship. Abusive language must be discouraged. The need to sensitize parents about the effects of media exposure on a child was emphasized. There is a great requirement to boost teaching of life skills to students these days.

Overall, she motivated all the teachers to be insightful about their own selves first and learn to be more empathetic towards their students.

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20th June 2013 - Workshop on Team Building

Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka, kick started the new session by conducting a special workshop on 20 June 2013, for teachers that focussed on Team building. The workshop also worked as an ice breaker for teachers who have joined the school in the current session. It provided a platform for teachers to interact and get to know their colleagues better.

The workshop was spearheaded by the head of our school, Mrs. Novita Chopra. It was an interactive session involving both group and individual activities. The session commenced on a light note with a fun introductory activity; what does your Ringtone say about you? The workshop consisted of various activities such as observation skills activity; this involved teachers to fill a questionnaire related to their immediate surroundings. There was another interesting activity that focussed on communication skills. It gauged the perception and understanding of teachers vis a vis what is being communicated. The Three word describer activity tested the mutual understanding of teachers and how well they know each other. In this activity each teacher wrote three words describing self and members of another group had to guess which description corresponds to whom.

The focus of these activities was not only to enhance teacher’s mutual understanding but also to bring home the importance of good team dynamics and how it impacts the work culture and overall efficiency of an organization.

In this context, certain activities also focussed on the importance of effective communication and the need to bridge the gap between information, perception and actual understanding. Good communication plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization and is essential for effective team work. To illustrate this point, an activity was conducted where few teachers were required to close their eyes and make a triangle by folding a paper as per the instructions given. In the end they were asked unfold the paper and it was discovered even though all of them were given the same instruction each one of them had folded the sheet in a different manner to make a triangle.

Mrs. Chopra also emphasised on how such activities help in establishing a stronger bond between co-workers which in turn increases collaboration among them during daily activities. It was an informative yet fun workshop that made us all realize the criticality of team efforts for individual and organizational growth.

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An interactive parent workshop on ‘General Parenting and Health Concerns’ was conducted on 20 April 2013 at Sachdeva Global School for the classes Buds – III. A renowned child counselor Ms. Bandana from FORTIS, VasantKunj conducted the session. While there is no single definition or correct method of good parenting, she provided valuable parenting tips that could go a long way in ensuring the happiness of a child. The session included lot of queries of parents and useful suggestions from Ms. Bandana. The workshop proved to be an effective brainstorming session for good parenting.

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16th April 2013 – Career Counseling Workshop

Career Counseling plays a vital role in helping students to make the right choice. A career counseling workshop was held in Sachdeva Global School on 16th April 2013 for student of class IX – XII. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Aditya Bhardwaj, a renowned career counseller. He created awareness among students about various professions by telling them about different institutions and career options. The basic aim of the workshop was to make students understand the importance of one’s academic potential, attributes, personality, strength and weaknesses. The workshop was very interactive, which helped the students in clarifying their doubts.

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10th April 2013 - Workshop on Life Skills

A workshop on ‘life skills’ was conducted by the Promise Group in the school on 10-4-13

The workshop was divided into two halves. In the first half, the theme was ‘Leadership’.

To begin with, a story was enacted to showcase the importance of leadership in one’s life. Afterwards ‘Leadership Tree Activity‘ was done wherein each child wrote qualities of his/her friend, so as to motivate his/her peers.

The second half of the workshop was based on ‘Anger management’.

It began with a small play to make children understand, “what is anger”?

A story was narrated to the children about controlling anger. Some real life situations were also discussed on how anger could effect one’s life and personality.

Children were also taught ways to control anger and a ‘Power Point Presentation‘ was shown, which focused on right and wrong ways to deal with anger. All in all, it was a truly enlightening and beneficial workshop for the children.

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6th April 2013 - Physical Fitness Workshop (Class II)

Physical fitness is a perquisite to mental activity’. Believing in this mantra, Sachdeva Global School had planned a demo workshop in collaboration with ‘Jump Bunch’ – a premiere physical education and sports specialization company on 6th April 2013. Parents of students of classes II A, B and C were invited along with their wards to attend this unique interactive workshop. Professional trainers exhibited and explained the benefits of warm up, exercises, breathing exercises and designed activities for hand-body coordination. Parents and students took part in the various exercises and games displayed by the trainers. Everyone enjoyed a lot and at the same time learnt about the benefits of physical fitness the workshop was a grand success.

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4th April 2013 – Workshop on Educational Tour to USA

Keeping pace with the World and preparing students for life, sets the school distinctively apart as an educational establishment beyond compare.

A workshop on educational tour to USA was organized by INIZIO EOUTECH PVT. LTD, for the students of classes VI-X. The workshop was aimed at visualizing the opportunity for students to gain knowledge under eminent experts of NASA, MIT, Harvard and Broadway. This 12-day experience is an educational, inspiring and exciting opportunity for student to build management skills, enhance leadership qualities and learn about various space activities. International exposure of this magnitude will be a stepping stone in the student’s career.

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SGS organized ‘Orientation Programme’ for the parents of kindergarten students. The event witnessed the presence of parents and their kids in great numbers. The motive of the programme was to familiarize the parent with school infrastructure and its culture. While the parents attended the Orientation Programme, their tiny tots enjoyed the fun-filled activities in the activity rooms.

The parents were acquainted with the teaching methodologies and its well-trained teaching faculty. Chairman Sir Mr. S.K. Sachdeva, Vice-Chairman Mr. Anil Sachdeva and Principal of Queen’s Valley School, Mrs. Namita Sharma graced the occasion with their presence.

Mr. Anil Sachdeva addressed the audience and focused on the joint partnership of parents and the school, in nurturing their child’s holistic development. Mrs. Novita Chopra, Head of the school assured the parents that their children are in safe hands and the teachers will leave no stone unturned to groom their ward into a ‘True Globalite’.

It was followed by a skit presented by primary teachers focusing on uniqueness of every child. The highlight of the event was the interactive session taken by the renowned counselor Mr. Jitin Chawla, who gave parenting, tips in a very interesting, interactive and playful manner.

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2nd March 2013 - Art of Living

“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence”

In an endeavour to invest in “Everlasting smile and increased, optimism“, a workshop was conducted by ‘Art of Living’ organization for the teachers of SGS on Saturday, 2nd March 2013. It included the powerful breathing techniques and certain exercises for effective stress elimination. A true teacher should be free from anxiety and should be patient and cheerful to help the students cope-up with the hardships of everyday life. The workshop proved to be a de-stressing activity and dealt with the ways of recovery from stressful stimuli. It was a boon for the teachers as it left them peaceful and contented.

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18th February 2013 - Workshop on Medical Emergencies

It is rightly said “Safety First is Safety Always”

With this aim in mind, a workshop on ‘First Aid’ was conducted by CAT Ambulance for the students of Sachdeva Global School. The goal of the workshop was educating students about the necessary life saving skills and techniques. The students learnt how with timely aid, a person’s life can be saved and further aggravation of an injury can be prevented. The various first aid techniques which were taught ore Recovery Position, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation on and Chocking Management.

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16th February 2013 – Workshop for Teachers

Sachdeva Global School organized a workshop for the Science, Maths and English teachers on Saturday, 16th February 2013. The workshop included the usage of audio visual aid for teaching different concepts to the children. The software provided an interactive manner of teaching learning. The students could test their knowledge through various quizzes and they would also be provided with a detailed result showing the strength and weakness of each and every child. The report card would show the areas / concept, where the child needs to work hard in each chapter. Hence it was a step ahead of the other audio visual software’s, helping the students to cover up in their weak areas.

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11th February 2013 - Hemophilia Workshop

A workshop was organized by ‘Hemophilia Federation of India’ for the students of Sachdeva Global School. The workshop aimed to sensitize and spread awareness students amongst about the genetic, life threatening disorder Hemophilia. The students were informed about the symptoms and the treatment of the disease. It was followed by an active question – answer session in which the students not only answered the questions about the disease but also clarified their doubts. To encourage children to participate voluntary in social initiatives. The workshop ended with an appeal for donation for the cause of Hemophilia.

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6th February 2013 – Time Management Workshop

Time and wave never wait for anyone Time Management holds a vital place in the life of every student. Effective management helps them in saving time for studies as well as outdoor activities which in turn helps them to grow physically and mentally.

Time Management workshop was organized in Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka on 6th February 2013, in collaboration with HT Pace, to help the students as they are nearing their exams. Mr. A D Bhatt, speaker, provided students with some effective tips and also told them about the importance of time. He even ensured them that proper utilization of time can help them score better marks and hence a good result altogether.

The workshop served as an eye opener for the students.

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‘Healthy mind rests in a healthy body’.

Physical fitness is a prerequisite to mental ability. In a way to crystalize this into reality, Sachdeva Global School planned a workshop on Saturday, 2nd February 2013, in collaboration with ‘LEAPSTART’- a premiere Physical education and Sports Specialisation Company. Parents of the students of Classes Buds - Blooms were invited to this unique and interactive workshop. Parents alongwith their wards were involved in a special training program, wherein fine motor skills alongwith eye-hand-leg coordination was further strengthened. Games involved playing with pylons, coloured scarfs and parachute, which also enriched the vocabulary of the pupil alongside strengthening their knowledge about colours. The session was indeed a great exposure for students as well as parents to gain knowledge about the importance of structured sports activities in the life of a young learner.

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1st February 2013 - Art Teacher’s Meet

Khushboo Bhutani and Preeti Puri (art teachers) attended the Art Teachers’ Meet which was organized in Titiksha Public School, Sector-11, Rohini by Camlin Kukuyo. The workshop emphasized on the importance of art in education and our life. A PPT was shown which showcased that art is the first normal expression of a child and how it helps the child to express his experiences about his life; thus giving him joy. It also increases the child’s power of perception and visualization.

The workshop showed how Child Art is different from Adult Art. Child Art (upto 12 years) develops fine motor skills; and other basic skills like observation, imagination, concentration etc. It even helps in helping ADHD students to calm down. Hence it is important to encourage child artists and acknowledge all. There was a demonstration of the wide range of colours and brushes and other art related material. The workshop was a huge learning experience to the teachers.

10th January 2013 - Workshop on Experimental Learning

A workshop was conducted in Sachdeva Global School by the school’s Academic Supervisor – Mrs. Sumana Dutta on Experimental Learning and Multiples Intelligence. Experimental Learning and Multiple Intelligence.

The Ice breaker activity was “Spinning the Web” which involved sharing of feelings about one another. This activity set up – friendly mood for the workshop to begin.

The next activity was to depict an imaginary situation in pictorial form. This brought out the reality that the same instruction is interpreted, understood and reproduced in different ways by different individuals.

Mrs. Dutta then related this to the eight Multiple Intelligences in students which need to be addressed equally for effective understanding.

The third activity was to write about real experience vs others which have been heard / read about. Mrs. Dutta then brought out the need for learning to happen in classroom. Kolb’s Experiential Learning cycle was taught to the teachers as an extension of the same.

The teachers were enthused to put in innovation into their teaching and pledged to individual requirements of students so that they can prove the saying. “I teach a child, not a subject”.

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9th January 2013 - Workshop for Teachers on Behavioural Problems

In the present scenario, it has become essential for the teachers to deal with their students tactfully and to solve their behavioural problems. A workshop was conducted in Sachdeva Global School on 9th January 2013 by Mrs. Ira Sehgal an eminent Psychologist, on the topic ‘How to Tackle Students with Behavioural Problems’. She took up some of the common issues faced by the teachers. These included usage of abusive language, attention deficit, disrespectful behavior, ego issues and so on. She discussed each of these separately and gave solutions. She advised teachers to be positive in their approach, and not to use discouraging words with the students. She stressed on teachers to be patient while dealing with the difficult students. Mrs. Ira Sehgal narrated a few of her own experiences and how she handled those cases.

It was an interesting workshop and the teachers gained a lot from the session.

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9th January 2013 – Experiential Learning and Multiple Intelligence

‘I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place.’
Howard Gardener

Gone are the days when we used to talk about intelligence, we talked about IQ alone. Today, in this ever-evolving world, where making your presence felt is of utmost importance, the best way out is to show the depth of your grey matter.

In this view, teachers of SGS participated in an In-house workshop headed by school’s Academic head Mrs. Sumana Dutta Sarkar. The session was started by a couple of icebreaker activities wherein teachers of Nursery and Pre Primary levels were involved in a Phonetic drill while playing ring-a-roses and another being the best one-Talking positive things about the co-teacher by each one of them. This gave all the ‘individual’ teachers a sense of ‘group’ feeling. This was followed by an activity wherein the teachers were divided in different groups and experienced ‘Student centric’ and ‘Teacher centric’ methods of teaching young learners. In this process, teachers agreed to the fact completely that student can learn more effectively if they undergo an experience themselves. As teachers, we touch so many lives in more than one role that is of a teacher. We are actors for a three year old while narrators, musicians for a rhyme time and the list is endless. Multiple Intelligence inclusive of Moral, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Spatial, Intrapersonal, Naturalist, Spiritual and Existential Intelligence - were also elaborated in detail.

Hope is the lone weapon through which we, as teachers can keep the light of peace, faith and love shining bright. The workshop enlightened the teachers on the ways they can use in their teaching methodologies that will help them groom a child in a holistic manner.

22nd December 2012 - Interactive Session with Parents

With an aim to address the concerns of the parents of the students of Primary Level by being just and transparent, an interaction was organised by the Head of the School, Mrs. Novita Chopra on 22nd December 2012.

It initiated with the General Introduction by Mam followed by a PPT demonstrating few parental tips mandatory for the upbringing of the children to face the hardships of life. A general acquaintance with the infrastructure of the school along with the advancements in it was made by Mam to highlight the plethora of opportunities available to the children studying in SGS. A reference was made to the new venture of Global Partnership which will be an international exposure for the students. Emphasis was laid on the need of instilling social skills in a child in the base years by taking corrective measures and responding to the situation rather than reacting to it. The achievements of the SGS family in the last 2 months were also brought into the notification of the parents. Later, the parents were asked to discuss their queries and give their suggestions. Parents appreciated the initiative of the school to provide such a platform, where they can interact freely. The interaction ended with a promise to enrich, excel and giving a tough competition to all the schools of Delhi by strengthening a bond between the parents & the teachers.

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22nd December 2012 - Robotic Workshop

A workshop on ‘Robotics’ was organized by Sachdeva Global School on Saturday, 22nd December 2012 for the students and parents of classes VI to VIII. The Resource person Mr. Tarun Bhalla, a Robotics expert explained the usage of Robotics as a tool to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. After the explanation a kit was given to the students, which contained mechanical and electronic parts. A Manual was also given to them, which contained instructions for making a motorized Robot. It was an interesting activity for the students and parents team. Each team comprised of a parent and a student. Parents helped the students in making the robot and appreciated the school for providing such an innovative activity.

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15th December 2012 - PARENTING Workshop

‘Creating no limit children’

Every child is born with all the power in the world. By providing a nurturing and stimulating environment we can support raising their intelligence and their unlimited potential. In view of the above a seminar by Mr. Sushant Kalra, Director, Parwarish Institute of Parenting was held on 15th December 2012. Head of the school, Mrs. Novita Chopra addressed the parent fraternity and gave them very essential 5 tips for parenting. This workshop gave an insight into how to become a role model for our children and spend quality time with them. It opened a window towards healthy childhood & parenthood.

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1st December 2012 – Workshop AVENUES

Senior Secondary students of SGS attended a Career Seminar organized by Maxfort School, Dwarka AVENUES – 2012, on 1st December 2012. The objective of the program was to provide a platform for the students who are at the verge of making career decisions, to interact with expert from various fields, to prepare them to face the challenges of the ever expanding & competitive world of work.

Many schools participated in this seminar. It was chaired by Mr. Ravindran, a renowned educationist as well as a psychologist.

He gave a deep insight towards a better career through the following 3 steps –
  • To know about yourself – which includes parameters like one’s interest, aptitude, personality & values.
  • To know about the world of work
  • To postpone your gratification for sometimes, to become great learners & leaders of your profession.

After the combined session of students & teachers, a separate session was conducted for the students in different seminar halls, orienting them about different fields that included – Defence, Law, Company Secretary, Designing and Hotel Management.

Mr. Ravindran took counseling session for teachers also, where individual teaching problems faced in the classroom were discussed. They conduced the seminar with a vote of thanks.

24th November 2012 – CCE workshop for Parents

In an effort to encourage parents to play active role in the education of their children. SGS organized awareness workshop and open session for parents on 24th November 2012. Parents of classes VI – VIII and classes IX – X were addressed by the Head of the school, Mrs Novita Chopra in two different sessions. They were made aware of the methodology followed by the school for assessing students, under scholastic and co-scholastic areas formally/informally as per CBSE’s Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE). Various strategies used and extracurricular activities taken up by the teachers were explained in detail using a ppt. Later during the open session, parents appreciated the efforts of the teachers and management in providing excellent infrastructure and environment for teaching – learning process and gave a number of suggestions, which were taken note of.

SGS value the partnership of parents in helping to enrich learning opportunities for students.

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21st November 2012 – Career Counselling Workshop

If talent is harnessed properly, it will not be lost in oblivion

A career counselling workshop was held in Sachdeva Global School on 21st November 2012 for students of classes IX – XI. The base line of the workshop was to help the perspective generation to understand their hidden talent through an interactive counseling by the expert – Mr. Jatin Chawla – eminent educationist and famous counsellor. Choosing the field according to one’s interest and capability and then pursuing the same with conviction leads to success that is what Mr. Chawla conveyed to the gathering. By illustrating live cases and thought provoking deliberations, he made the atmosphere extremely electrifying and involved each and every participant to understand and realize their inherent strengths to opt their best suited career options. The interactive session at the end helped students in clarifying their doubts.

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5th November 2012 - Craft Workshop

The craft work includes activities like cutting, tearing, pasting, colouring, finger printing, origami etc. These activities are used as talking points with children, besides giving them the joy that lies in creating things with their own hands.

A craft workshop was organized on Monday, 5th November 2012 for classes III – VII by Mr. Narendra Rai belonging to Mahatma Gandhi Handicraft Training Centre. He demonstrated making of various decorative items such as wall hangings, lanterns etc. All the students enjoyed a lot learning the things. The main attraction was the use of paper and scissors. The workshop was appreciated by all the students and they enjoyed learning making those items.

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18th October 2012 - Rally and Street Play on Resource Conservation

Keeping in tune with the times of scarcity of natural resources, and realizing the immense potential of recycling of wastes and resource conservation, students of Sachdeva Global School, Sector 18 A, Dwarka took the initiative to reach out and educate the immediate environment about the same.

In this endeavour, on 18 October 2012, students of class - X went out to the Sector-6 market to stage a street play “Save water, Fuel, Electricity”. Students of classes VII, VIII and IX also staged a march around the market, catching the eyes of young and old, in turn making them aware about the need to “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse” to make this Earth a healthier place.

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15th October 2012 - Career Counselling Workshop

A career counselling workshop was conducted for students of classes IX – X on 15 October 2012. The workshop allowed students to think in a structured manner about their dreams and aspirations. It gave exposure to the students regarding the sea of opportunities that exist beyond the conventional streams of medicine and engineering. The workshop was interactive with the students actively putting forward their queries related to the various career options which were showcased. They were enlightened about the subjects / areas of study that they need to lay emphasis upon to progress in a chosen path. The students were motivated in thinking and planning constructively for their own future.

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12th October 2012 – Workshop on Moral Values

To prepare students for their future role in society and to develop a deep concern for the well being of others, a special assembly on the moral values was conducted by class Buds – B.

The assembly started with the introduction of different moral values like Honesty, Respect, Co-operation, Forgiveness and Hard work etc. It was followed by recitation of rhymes on values by the students enthusiastically.

The assembly made the children understand the importance of moral values which would enable them to develop their own sense of right & wrong.

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12th October 2012 - Adolescence to Adulthood

In an endeavour to befriend the budding adult community of the school and make them partners in the progress of the school, a workshop on “Adolescent Issues” was organized on 12th October 2012. Mr. Bhavesh Suryakant, a psychologist from NIE addressed the teenagers of classes VIII – XI.

The workshop aimed at making the adolescents aware about the physical, social and emotional changes which they undergo and the reasons for the same. The students were made to realize the need for healthy food habits and personal hygiene and sanitation during this crucial period in their lives. It was an interactive session with the students actively participating and raising questions. All queries were addressed and the adolescents felt satisfied at having been provided with a platform to discuss their queries.

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(3rd to 8th) October 2012 - Jodo Gyan Workshop

Teachers of SGS attended a workshop held by Jodo Gyan – an organization which aims at teaching of Mathematics through innovative ways. The main objectives of the workshop were –
  • To provide opportunity for children to see the pattern before they are given as generalized concepts.
  • To help a child reflect on what is learnt and to see interconnections.
  • To form adequate mental objects to support the definitions and the logical relationships.
The workshop introduced many effective thinking tools for teaching of integers, decimals, fractions and 2D and 3D geometry.

It was an activity oriented workshop which helped the teachers in gaining insight into how to make Mathematics an interesting and involving subject for the students.

6th October 2012 - Empowerment of Science with Environment Education

It is well said that “Learning is a never-ending process”. To give a shape to this thought, the teachers of SGS attended a workshop on “Empowerment of Science with Environment Education” held at Bal Bharti Public School on 6th October 2012. It aimed at the implementation of Science-teaching methodologies and inculcation of scientific temperament in our young scientists. Complex concepts of Science were transformed into simple examples and activities. There was a touch of originality and logic in every experiment conducted at the workshop. The moral responsibility of being a Science teacher i.e., to save the environment was stressed upon at the end by showing a PPT based on the principle of 3R’s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse). The workshop was activity–oriented, engaging and included the nuances of Science as a subject and it proved to be an enriching experience for all the teachers.

22nd September 2012 – An Economics Workshop

An Economics Workshop was conducted for senior teachers of classes XI – XII in Maxfort School Dwarka, on Saturday, 22nd September 2012. SGS Senior Economics Teacher Ms. Mansi Khurana attended this workshop. The programme commenced with a keynote address by the Director, Ms. Deepa Kumar followed by an interactive session with Economics expert, Dr. I. C. Dhingra. He has authored a number of books at National level for schools and colleges.

The Workshop focused on Indian Economic Development which includes both micro and macro aspects and gave stress on value-based questions for class XII. Various issues like Budget, Balance of Payment and National Income were discussed. The Workshop emphasized on strengthening the concepts in the student’s mind rather than on monotonous note learning.

17th August 2012 – Personality Development Workshop

A Personality Development workshop was conducted for students of classes IX – XI. Mr. Rishab Khanna, Director of Les Transformations conducted the session. The session began with a brain storming session, with useful tips from Mr. Khanna on ways of improving one’s personality.

The students listened with rapt attention. The workshop provided our students with definite pointers that would be highly beneficial in future as well.

Some wonderful activities were also included in this workshop. These activities encouraged them to appreciate one another, helped them to understand the importance of formulating their objectives and discussing them. The students enjoyed the session and were highly motivated. The session ended on a positive note, with loads of encouraging guidelines towards stepping forward and achieving one’s goals.

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29th June 2012 – Workshop On Stress Management

A workshop on Stress Management was held in Sachdeva Global School on Friday, 29th June 2012 under the initiative of HT-PACE. The workshop was conducted by an eminent Psychologist Mr. Bhaavesh Suryakant, and focused on “Stress Management”. The definition, symptoms, causes, effects of stress on an individual’s performance were discussed. The session was very interactive and was made all the more interesting with the inclusion of various fun activities in which the teachers participated enthusiastically. Various ways to reduce and manage stress in our day to day lives were discussed. The session was much liked and appreciated by the staff.

The workshop on stress management was followed by lunch organized for the teachers. The staff bonded with each other and participated in some fun activities. Definitely, a nice way to forget stress while preparing for school to reopen after the summer break.

10th April 2012 - Paper Bag Making Workshop

Planet Earth is facing a serious environmental threat and SGS realizes the importance of taking action to overcome this problem. To sensitise students about the significance of re-usable and ecofriendly items like paper bags instead of plastic bags, Paper Bag Making workshop was organised in school in collaboration with HT(NIE). In this workshop, the Resource Person showed the students how to make paper bags with old News Papers. Students learnt to make paper bags and personalised them by decorating and writing their thoughts and messages on them. Being an active member of Green School Programme, GSP, the school believes in making students responsible towards the environment and use only paper bags instead of plastic bags, and help in preventing pollution!

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31st March 2012 - Orientation Programme

“From small beginnings come great things.”

Orientation is one such beginning that we at SGS intend to follow through generations to come. Introducing the new parents to SGS Culture, the Orientation Programme was held on Saturday, 31st March 2012. This Orientation Programme saw a full house of kindergarten parents. The new parents were welcomed in the school campus along with the little ones who also arrived with them. Numerous fun filled activities were organised by the school which kept the toddlers busy and happy.

Chairman Shri S. K. Sachdeva and Vice Chairman Shri Anil Sachdeva graced the occasion. Orientation programme was initiated with inspiring words from the Vice Chairman. The Guest of Honour Dr. V. S. Ravindran was welcomed and presented a memento. In her welcome address, the Head of school emphasised the need to have realistic expectations and working in partnership. The school presentation had information about the school faculty and facilities provided in the campus. Smart Education in SGS teaching and learning procedures included modules and explained what exactly is meant by “SMART EDUCATION”. Sachdeva Global School reflects limitless excellence, which was best portrayed by teachers through an educational journey of a Hippo; and a skit on importance of relationships.

The Special Guest for the evening, Dr. V. S. Ravindran, a renowned psychologist and trainer, had the gathering glued to their places, with his gripping stories and examples on relationships. Be it husband-wife, mother-child, or Teacher-Student-Parent relationship, he touched all aspects. The jist of his session was that, “Children need you today, not tomorrow, quality time is more valuable than providing material comforts and pleasures.” The session concluded and the parents joined the school staff for tea and snacks.

SGS ORIENTATION 2012 tried to answer the queries about the school, its working and students’ schedule in this session.

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