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26th June 2010, Inter House Rugby Match

The final Inter House Rugby Match was held on 26th June 2010. Students played with great zeal. Glory House and Harmony House played the semi-final match defeating Peace House and Pride House respectively. Glory House won the final match by 1-0. It was a great funfilled experience for the children as well as the teachers.

17th June to 18th June 2010
'Public Speaking and Newspaper Usage.' (NIE WORK SHOP FOR TEACHERS)

Newspapers not only keep an individual aware but also help in developing language and creativity besides expanding the horizons of knowledge.

On Wednesday 17th June 2010 and Thursday 18th June 2010, "Newspaper in Education" (Times of India group) conducted workshops for teachers about 'Public Speaking and Newspaper Usage.'

The first session was about Newspaper usage in daily lessons in the classrooms. Different ways of how newspapers can be used for teaching different subjects was discussed and demonstrated. In English, for example, a piece of news can be selected and students can be asked to highlight or underline articles, verbs and so on. Thus, they read the news and learn the grammatical concepts as well. Several informative, educative and entertaining activities to help in understanding the importance of newspaper were demonstrated. Another important aspect of the session was usage of waste paper in making collages, hanging balls, paper bags etc. These activities will be done in the class and will help students learn waste management.

The second session was about Public Speaking. This session emphasized on how to capture and captivate an audience. The effective usage of gestures, voice modulation, clarity in speech, choice of words, oratory, good humour and developing a relationship with the audience was discussed and depicted. The session helped the teachers in identifying their strengths and weaknesses so as to make their future teaching learning an extremely fruitful experience.

16th June 2010 to 19th June 2010
Calligraphy Workshop For Teachers

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing and includes various writing styles i.e. alphabetic and pictographic. A series of sessions of calligraphy were conducted from Wednesday, 16th June 2010 to Saturday, 19th June 2010 by Mr. Anup Das. The Junior School and Art Teachers attended it. They were shown the ornamental way of writing the alphabets (capital as well as small). Various styles of writing were taken up and teachers practiced them using flat and pointed pens. It was a great experience and learning process for them.

This skill would be definitely handy for them in the classroom and its usage will fascinate the children immensely. Armed with this creative skill the teachers will be able to motivate the children to learn calligraphy. They will not only enjoy writing beautifully but also earn admiration from others.

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