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31st December 2010 – New Year Celebration

New Year Day, signifying the end and a beginning of a year, is the most popularly celebrated occasion round the globe. To mark this auspicious day, a special assembly was conducted. Glorious moments of national pride like, India hosting CWG and introduction of Rupee’s symbol were highlighted. The outcome of school initiatives that started this year, like Vedic Math, Abacus, Green School Program, and Clubs were discussed. Students sang and danced, welcoming the New Year with open arms.

Later they sat in their class-rooms decorated with colourful streamers and balloons for the New Year Bash. Sharing their party snacks while listening to fine music, children enjoyed a long mid-day break.

Teachers affirmed their resolution to do their best as they attended a training session. The session was conducted by Mr. Vikas Khosla to demonstrate the handling of the CBSE Smart Class Engine. Later the SGS staff assembled together as a small party was arranged to enjoy the joyous moment of starting with the New Year in a festive manner.

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24th December 2010 – Christmas Celebration

Christmas was celebrated with great splendour and a special assembly was conducted. The mesmerizing enactment along with Christmas Carols helped students identify the significance of the festival. The theatrical presentation of the glorious miracle took us to the holy land of Jerusalem where Angels, Peasants and the entire humanity showered their blessings on baby Jesus in the hands of Mother Mary and Joseph.

An enthralling dance performance by toddlers added spark to the event. Students sang and danced as “Jingle Bells” played in the background. Santa Claus appeared laughing and singing merrily and distributed sweets to the children.

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21st December 2010 – Hand Wash Workshop

Hygiene is the basic asset of keeping good health. In order to make children aware of good hygiene practices ‘Hand Washing Workshop’ was conducted in the school in collaboration with an NGO “SHARP”.

The resource person explained the importance of washing hands with soap. This was substantiated by a short film through which 6 major steps of proper hand wash were shown. The fact that washing hands can prevent a host of diseases was reaffirmed. The workshop was a gentle reminder and basic guidance to maintain proper hygiene!

8th and 20th December 2010 – Treasure Hunt

Teachers are consistently working hard to make students efficient in Vedic Mathematics. “Treasure Hunt” activity was conducted for Classes III - IX. Groups of 5-6 students formed teams and solved problems hidden at various locations in the school playground using Vedic Math calculations. Every problem was having a clue to move on to the next level. The team which was quickest in solving the problems and in locating the hidden treasure was declared the winner of the activity. This activity helped enhance students’ proficiency in Vedic Math on one hand and allowed teachers to assess the students’ level of understanding on the other hand!

18th December 2010 - Film Screening

Children are keen observers, they learn from what they see. They pick up what fascinates them the most, especially when it is related to characters from the big screen. Entertainment is yet another factor which pulls young generations to Cineplex’s, as films are a means of pleasure and enjoyment. The school organized a day out to PVR Ambience Mall for students of Classes II – IX. Students went to watch the latest release, ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, with exceptional 3D effects. In the film, the characters of the film, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their pesky cousin Eustace Scrubb – find themselves swallowed into a painting and on to a fantastic Narnia ship headed for the very edges of the world of fun and thrilling experiences.

14th December 2010 – News Reading Competition

A good orator is appreciated for his/her clarity and proper intonation of speech. To acquaint and develop this skill in our learners, ‘News Reading Competition’ was organized for the learners of Classes III – V. Students presented International, National and Sports News with booming confidence.

The winners of the Competition were:

Position Class Name
1st III Priyansh Gupta
1st IV Anushka Kulshreshtha
1st V Palak Garg

13th December 2010 – Annual Athletic Meet

On the misty morning of 13th December 2010 SGS Family organized its Annual Athletic Meet. The event began with a pledge taken by all participants, to play with honesty ensuring true sportsman spirit blossoms throughout the day.

Head Mistress Dr. Amita Saxena declared the Annual Athletic Meet ‘Open’. Yoga presentations, Cheerleading Dance, Inter House Relay Race along with variety of track events like Veggie Delight Race, Bumpy Race, Hurdle Race, Shuttle Run and many more were a part and parcel of the Meet.

Students encouraging their friends and classmates cheered and yelled out in their support. The Meet came to its closure with the prize distribution ceremony where the young athletes were awarded with certificates.

4th December 2010 – Jodo Gyan Workshop

At SGS, it has always been our endeavour to strike an effective balance between theoretical and practical aspects of concepts & knowledge. The school strongly believes in cultivating analytical & categorical reasoning skills among the students.

Teachers of Elementary and Primary section visited the Mathematics Fair ‘Pitara’ organized by ‘Jodo Gyan’ for equipping themselves with the latest & innovative aids being used for enhancing Maths education. Teaching aids such as Aakar Parivar, Rangometry, Tessellation, Sau(100), Rang ki Khoj and many more were on display. The right way of using these aids was also shown thereby making the utility of such aids evident.

3rd to 4th December 2010 – Tae-Kwondo Championship

9 students of our school participated in the 22nd Delhi State Tae-Kwondo Championship held at Chinmay Vidyalay, Vasant Vihar. All the participants did well in the martial arts demo and showed their techniques.

The Sub-Junior group won 4 gold medals. The Junior group also won a gold and a bronze medal.

The names of the winners are as follows :-

Name Class Medal
Aditya Gupta
Deepak Sehrawat
Pranav Singh
Yash Gahlot
Malika Nanduru VIII Gold
Gaurang Kaushik V Bronze
Khushi Sindher III Bronze

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