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31st August 2010 - English Symposium (By Class IX)

“Poetry brings to mind, as existing, something that before poetic practice did not exist – something that before was not perceptible and was therefore the experience of no beholder.”

Class IX students presented their first English Symposium for session 2010 – 11. Students explained the different forms of poetry with the help of a Power Point Presentation. They took the example of the poem ‘Solitary Reaper’ to explain poetry by William Wordsworth. Life and works of William Wordsworth were discussed and presented in an interesting way.

The students exhibited remarkable speaking skills. They used their computer skills to present PPP slides with effective background and relevant contents for the symposium. The PPP combined audio and visual both aspects, making it easier for the audience to understand. It was an effective way to train the students to talk to a group of people.

30th August 2010 - Inter Class Group Dance Competition

The school organized an ‘Inter Class Group Dance Competition’ for the students of Classes VI and VII. The theme for the competition was "मेरा देश मेरी शान". The students danced to the tunes of their favourite patriotic songs.

The dance groups garnered appreciation for their foot tapping performances. Students of Class VI won the competition dancing to the tunes of "देश मेरे देश मेरे मेरी जान है तू ".

All students seemed satisfied and delighted with the result.

30th August 2010 - Debate Competition

To enhance students’ interactive power and teach them the skills of positive argumentation, a debate competition between Classes VIII and IX was held. All students participated actively and presented their views, for or against the topic ‘Freedom of Individual is a Myth’.

The winners were :
First : Kaustubh Sharma of Class IX
Second : Alok Mehta of Class IX

28th August 2010 – Tek Chand Mann Memorial Inter - School Skating Championship

The school participated in Tek Chand Mann Memorial Inter- School Skating Championship- 2010 organized by Modern Convent School, Dwarka. Two of our students won gold and silver medals respectively. Komal Solanki of Class V won a Gold medal and received a cash prize of 200/- with a certificate of excellence in age group for the age group 12- 14 years while Upmanyu Gupta of Class IV bagged a Silver Medal and a cash prize of 150/- with a certificate of excellence in his category, for the age group 8-10 years.

27th August 2010 - Report On a Trip to Golokdham Temple

Students of Saplings to Class - I visited Golokdham Temple in Sec 10, Dwarka to see Janmashtami preparation. The beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha in the temple were mesmerizing. Children and the teachers offered prayers to Lord Krishna.

The little ones danced on the rhythm of “Radhey-Radhey” and were given sweets by the temple priest. The trip acquainted them with a place of worship by the Hindus. The experience, also enlightened them about the significance of Janmashtami festival.

26th August 2010 – Delhi State Judo Championship

Two students of our school participated in “First Open Delhi State Judo Championship” organized by “ Ganga International School”. Bhupender Bhargava of Class VIII secured the First position and got the gold medal in the category – Under 14, Weight -50 Kg , defeating 16 contenders for the place, while Gouresh Bhargava of Class VIII grabbed bronze medal in the category- Under 14, Weight – 45 Kg.

26th August 2010 - Investiture Ceremony

As the sun of Thursday, 26th August, 2010 rose through the cool firmament of dawn and showered its blessing on everyone, Sachdeva Global School family witnessed its first investiture ceremony. It was, indeed, a moment of pride and honour for the whole school. The ceremony began with a devotional song followed by a slow march of the Students’ Council to the school playground. With a sense of pride and responsibility the members of newly nominated Students’ Council came up on the stage and accepted their sashes and badges handed over to them by the Head Mistress. The members of Students’ Council donned the mantle of responsibility and pledged to carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence.

The following are the members of the Students’ Council :

Head Girl : Jasni K. Basheer Head Boy : Kaustubh Sharma
Sports Captain : Ankur Yadav
Houses Harmony House Pride House Peace House Glory House
Captains Nikhil Sharma Samta Khanna Abhishek Sharma Prashant Godara
Prefects Prabjot Singh Kushagra Tayal Yash Vardhan Ch. Divyansh Malhotra
  Shivam Bajaj Vikas Sharma Aniket Yadav Nishant Sharma
  Sadhana Baid Inakshi Khandelwal Rockey Prithvi Raj Chauhan
  Maalika Nandru Pranesh K. Pankaj Jigyasa Rawat Amogh S. Rao
  Anshul  Solanki Sahil Sadh Nitin Sharma Taksh Sharma
  Shubham Singh Anjana Kumari Rahul Rana Avneet Singh

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26th August 2010 - Inter Class Patriotic Song Competition

To carry the spirit of patriotism ahead and motivate the students and the young leaders, students of Classes 3 to 5 presented patriotic group songs. This rendition was scheduled for Inter Class Patriotic Song Competition.

All the group songs motivated the audience to remain united and take the nation to supreme heights of glory. The judges declared the results and announced Class – IV as the winners. With mixed feeling of pride and patriotism the programme came to an end!

21st August 2010 - Raksha Bandhan (Special Assembly)

Raksha Bandhan, a festival to celebrate the bond of love between a brother and a sister was celebrated in the school. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Class IV. They came dressed in traditional attire bringing the spirit of festivity as they entered the stage in pairs.

Girls wearing bright shimmering lehangas held plateful of colourful silk rakhis. Lumithang recited a poem – “A sister like you” expressing a brother’s love for his sister. Girls tied the rakhis on their brother’s wrists and in turn received gifts from them. The students presented the assembly with great zeal and enthusiasm, and prepared to celebrate the festival at home too!

21st August 2010, Vedic Mathematics Quiz

Vedic Mathematics Quiz was organized for the students of Classes 3 to 5.The four teams-A, B, C and D had three participants, one from each class. The Quiz had three rounds. The first round of “Finger Multiplication Technique“ tested this skill and had twelve problems.

In the second round, the students had to crack problems on addition using “Faster Addition Techniques”. This round had four questions. The final round was “Rapid Fire Round” which was also a buzzer round having twelve miscellaneous problems. Students’ participation was highly praiseworthy as they all answered the questions in fractions of seconds. The stiff competition amongst them combined with quick and correct answers spoke about their improved Vedic Mathematics skills.

“Team A” stood first, the participants of Team A were Geetigya (Class III), Upmanyu (Class IV) and Apoorv (Class V). The quiz was - a great learning experience for participants and enjoyable for the audience as well!

12th August 2010 - Independence Day Celebrations

After more than two centuries of British rule, India finally won freedom on 15th August 1947. Every Indian rejoiced as India became a sovereign nation. It was the birth of a new nation and a new beginning. The first Prime Minister of India unfurled the Indian tricolour, on the ramparts of the Redford in Delhi.

The 64th Independence Day was celebrated by the Sachdeva Global family on Thursday, 12th August, 2010. Our honourable Chairman, Mr. S.K.Sachdeva, and the members of the committee Dr.Chadha, Dr.Maheshwari, Mrs. Kiran Gambhir, Mr. Anil Sachdeva solemnized the occasion with their presence. The program started with flag hoisting ceremony followed by the Chairman’s speech, where he acquainted the students with the achievements made by Indians by overcoming the hurdles in their path to success.

Students of SGS presented a remarkable program in paying homage to the great Indian martyrs. Donning the dresses of famous personalities like Aryabhatta, Gandhiji and so on, the kids spoke about the contributions made by Indians in different walks of life. In their melodious voices, they presented the song “Waving Flag”. Dancing to the tune of the song “Hum Chale to Hindustan Chale” the students mesmerized the spectators with their flawless performance. It was indeed a wonderful attempt by the school in remembering the heroes of our Land.

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7th August 2010 - Poster Making Competition

‘Poster Making Competition’ was organized for the students of class IV. Theme of the competition was “Proud to be Indian”. The activity was a remarkable blend of curricular with co-curricular, students learnt not only the various formats of making the posters but also experienced the joy of designing one. They made beautiful posters showing their love and respect for the country. The winners of this contest were:

First Prize: Arshita Chaudhary
Second Prize: Devyank
Third Prize: Lumithang Kipgen

4th August 2010 - Rakhi Making Contest

Raksha Bandan, a festival celebrated across religions, is symbolic of the sacred relationship between a brother and a sister. “Rakhi Making Contest” was organized for our students of Classes II to IX in collaboration with AFWWA. The students of Junior group (Classes II to V) and Senior group (Classes VI to IX) participated with great vigour and enthusiasm. They made beautiful rakhis under guidance from creative experts. AFWWA awarded the following six students for their creations.

Junior Group

1st Abhishek Tiwari (Class V)
2nd Riddhi Bhatia (Class V)
3rd Kashish Sethi (Class V)

Senior Group

1st Yanchean (Class VIII)
2nd Priyanka Kumari (Class IX)
3rd Param Shukla (Class VII)

The creativity shown by the following students in Rakhi making was also remarkable:

Tushar Solanki (Class II-A)
Kamya Arora (Class II -B)
Harshita Grewal (Class III)
Shwetank Gaur (Class IV)
Saravjeet Sangwan (Class V)
Preeti (Class VI)
S. Padmashree (Class VII)
Divyansh Malhotra (Class VIII)
Durvish Yadav (Class IX)

The overwhelming participation of the students in the contest was also because the school had planned to send the Rakhis made by our students to the soldiers posted in the border areas. The event aimed at inculcating in students the feeling of respect for the soldiers, who put their lives at stake for maintaining peace in the country. Their love for the country was expressed in their whole hearted participation in the contest.

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3rd August 2010, Calligraphy Competition

To be able to write is ability, but to write beautifully is an Art. Any written piece, irrespective of the content, would attract the reader’s immediate attention only if the writing style expresses the writers thought at the mere sight of it. To make the learners identify with this art, a 'Calligraphy Competition' was held in the school.

The students were divided into two groups - Junior Group (I-V) and Senior Group (VI - IX). Children were provided with quotations which were to be written in different calligraphic styles using various calligraphic tools.

From the Junior Group, Lakshay of Class V was awarded the first position, Riddhi Bhatia and Komal of Class V got the second and third position respectively. Shantanu of Class IX claimed the first prize; Udit (Class VII), Divyansh (Class VIII) and Aniket (Class IX) shared the second prize, while Sadhana and Rockey of Class IX bagged the third place for their calligraphic style in the Senior Group.

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