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28th April 2010 to 29th April 2010

The Green School Programme is a self-assessment programme designed to help school communities audit their consumption of the natural resources. The Green Schools Programme of CSE is the brainchild of the Centre's Environment Education Unit, or EEU.

Environment education, for long, has remained limited to cursory examinations of nature and wildlife. The EEU's key objective is to take environment education beyond this narrow focus - in essence, to initiate 'ecological literacy'.

As the name indicates, it is a programme for 'green' - environment - friendly - schools like ours. Under it, students of a school are trained and encouraged to carry out a rigorous 'environmental self-audit' of their school's use of resources, to answer questions like...
  • How much water is the school using up? How is it managing its wastewater?
  • How do the school's students and staff commute?
  • How much solid waste does the school generate? What is the school doing with this waste?
  • What is the biodiversity in and around the school like?

Training sessions were conducted in the last week of April at CSE - India, i.e Centre for Science & Environment, to equip our teachers to handle the Green School programme. Two teachers of our school attended the two day training program at CSE India.These teachers will begin the programme in the school from July 2010. Students of eco-club will be trained to audit school consumption of the five resources and accordingly rate themselves. The data will be summarized and sent to CSE. CSE will grade the school and present them the relevant certificate.

An in house workshop was conducted by the two trained teachers trained at CSE-India, for the staff of SGS. This is not just a rating programme rather a learning process wherein, management of resources will be learnt in an interesting manner. The novelty of this programme lies in the fact that it moves beyond theories, text books and concentrates solely on 'learning by doing'. Further, the idea behind initiating this programme in the school is to stimulate the growth of more environmentally aware and responsible generation of future citizens.

(9th to 22nd April 2010)
Better Earth, Better Life, Better Tomorrow

Celebrating Earth Day in SGS

Our country is home to countless plant and animal species. No matter how rich or diverse, the country's environment is, it still faces many perils. How can we save our natural surroundings from threats of our own making? If we take some steps soon to preserve and conserve the Earth we may save it. Keeping this in mind, Earth Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at Sachdeva Global School. Children participated in a series of environment related activities for a fortnight concluding with a special event on 22nd April 2010.

Animal Mask Making (Class - I & II)
Children from Classes I - II took keen interest in making animal masks. They used pastel-sheets, fevicol, colours, markers and paper plates to make them. Students were given the cut outs of the faces of different animals and they were made to colour and outline it with a marker. They were happy wearing these masks and tried to make sounds and move like those animals. They made masks of rabbits, ducklings, frogs, buffaloes, monkeys, cats, lion etc.

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Best out of Waste (Class III, IV & V)
Students of Classes III, IV and V enjoyed their project. They made the 'Earth' using old newspapers, balloon and fevicol. After the layers of paper were pasted on the balloon dried up they gave the Earth its green and blue colours. This big replica of 'Mother Earth' along with a banner, 'We are the saviours of Earth' has been kept in the central hall. A look at it gives a clear idea about the amazing beauty of our planet.

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Clean up and Beautify (Classes - VI - VIII)
Classes VI - VIII did the activity 'Clean up and beautify'. They cleaned up the green area in the school and painted flower pots. These potted plants were arranged neatly in the clean area. Students realized that with little effort they can keep their surroundings clean and beautiful. They have pledged to maintain the area and keep it beautiful.

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Endangered species(Class - IX)
The Class - IX students were given a project on 'endangered species'. They were shown films / clippings about animals. They made posters showing their concern about the endangered animals and appealed to everyone to save them from extinction.

PowerPoint - 'Earth My Home' (Class - IX)
As part of their computer project students of class IX collected material from the internet (text as well as pictures). They worked in two groups under the guidance of their teacher to make a PowerPoint on the topic 'Earth My Home'. They all enjoyed making the informative PPT using MS PowerPoint, MS Word and Clip Arts. The two groups then presented their PPT to each other.

Special Assembly
A Special Assembly was conducted in the school focusing on various concerns to save Mother Earth. Later a workshop was conducted by Ms. Sakshi Das Gupta, the Deputy Coordinator, Water Program from Centre for Science and Environment. Two sessions of the workshop were conducted for classes III - V and VI - IX respectively. Students were made aware about how we can all contribute towards saving our planet by preserving and conserving water, electricity and using 3 R's i.e. Recycle - Reduce - Reuse. A movie was also shown to the students showing water pollution and its results. Students watched in silence and participated actively in the discussion which followed about steps to be taken towards the preservation of natural resources.

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Visit to Grocery Store
On the occasion of Earth Day student representatives of Sachdeva Global School visited one of the biggest grocery store in Dwarka to conclude their 'Grocery Bag Project'. They showed their concern about clogging the Earth with plastic bags and advocated the use of paper bags in a unique way. They brought paper bags from the store, decorated them colourfully and wrote eco messages on them. The store keeper shared their enthusiasm, he interacted with the children and showed the bags to his customers.

The customers praised the young ones for taking the initiative. A poster with a 'Thank You For Your Support' was put up in the store by the students. To appreciate their efforts the store keeper distributed chocolates to the children.

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SGS Educational Trips - April 2010

Gurudwara Visit - (12th April 2010 & 15th April 2010)
On Monday, 12th April 2010, and Thursday, 15th April 2010, students of classes Buds - Blooms and classes I - II visited the Gurudwara in Moti Bagh. In the Gurudwara, fruits and candies were distributed to the children. They wore the headgear 'Rumala' as they entered the Gurudwara. After coming out they enjoyed having 'Kada Prasad'. The young ones got an idea of how prayers are offered in the Gurudwara. They were wonder struck by the beauty of the place and inspired by the humility of the people there!

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Visit to Bal Bhavan - (Tuesday, 20th April 2010)
To motivate the students to exhibit creativity in their chosen fields, a trip to National Bal Bhavan was organized for the students of classes III - V. Students were greatly inspired after seeing the galleries 'Surya', 'Hamara Bharat', 'Gaurav Gatha', 'Aquarium', 'Creative work of children' etc. They also got a chance to see the aircraft which belongs to Indian Air Force. They went around the museum and enthusiastically trying to absorb as much as they could. Later the children enjoyed different rides in the amusement park there. They returned exhausted yet ready to share their wonderful experiences with everyone else in school.

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(Friday, 23rd April 2010)

Visit to Britannia Factory
Students of classes V to VIII visited the 'Britannia factory' located on Lawrence Road. They learnt the details about how each crispy and tasty biscuit is made. They were taken around the factory and showed each area. The work being done at every stage was explained, right from the preparation of the biscuits till the packaging. After a thorough survey of the place, students were offered plates full of biscuits which they relished to their hearts' content. Each one got a packet of Britannia Chocolate Chip Cookies as they headed back towards school.

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17th April 2010

As part of its efforts to keep the students safe and secure while travelling, a Road Safety Awareness Programme was organized in the School, for school bus drivers on Saturday, 17th April 2010.

The programme was conducted by the "ARAVALI INSTITUTE OF SAFE DRIVING", An ISO Certified Institute with the focus on "creating a better driving environment" and inculcating better driving attitude in heavy motor vehicle drivers.

The emphasis was mainly on certain basic pointers for safe driving, which is of utmost importance. The workshop involved discussions and presentations on topics like the essential qualities of a good driver, causes of accidents and their remedies, traffic control measures, knowledge of road signs, lane discipline, testing of reflexes using simulators. This programme also highlighted the education on traffic control devices and rules of the road, dealing with different road users, driving in difficult and dangerous conditions, defensive driving and developing a respect for the right of others to share the road.

The programme was attended by the School Caretakers, the Transport In-charge, all the drivers, attendants and Administrative staff. The "defensive driving training" proved to be useful and the drivers felt the workshop helped clear their doubts about the road rules. After attending the workshop, the drivers realized that others' safety is in their hands and pledged that they will never compromise on road safety.

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