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24th February 2016 – Elocution Competition

Elocution is the art of speaking aloud in public controlling both voice and gestures. To give the little ones of SGS an opportunity to express themselves and to develop public speaking skills in them, an elocution competition was organized for class II on the topic ‘Seasons’, providing every child with the opportunity to be a part of this competition. The preliminary round was completed in the classrooms and three students were then selected from each class. The final round of the competition was held on 24.02.16. All the participants spoke very well and had beautiful props and costumes to support the given topic. The judges for the competition were Dr. Neelam Dasgupta and Ms. Avantika Sharma, and they both had a tough decision to make as all the participants were really good.

The results of the competition were as follows:

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23rd February 2016 – Growing Up – Class I-C

‘I have found that growing up means being honest, about what I want, what I need, what I feel, who I am.’
- Epiphany

Being in this beautiful world, we all learn to grow up, learn to be honest, learn to understand what we want from our life, what is our passion, what we want to be like, who is are inspiration, what we want to do for our country, etc., all this comes with the passage of time as we grow up and climb the tiny stairs of life. Our parents and teachers, both play a vital role in our phase of growing up. During our phase of growing up, we encounter a lot of things and each one of them teaches us something different.

One such phase is being in the school where we go every day to learn and to grow as successful people. Just like plants need water, sunlight, soil to grow, the same way we as kids need our parents, the school, teachers, to mentor us and to grow up well. In order to showcase the importance of each of these, a very informative assembly was presented by class I-C on 23.0.16 on a bright sunny day; the students were dressed very beautifully. The assembly started with a lot of enthusiasm and high spirits. Song sung in chorus by the students on ‘Growing up’, enchanted the entire audiance gathered there. The children were dressed up as different professionals, expressed their aspirations as what they would like to be when they grow up. It was a very nice assembly presented by the kids.

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20th February 2016 - Visit to Eco-Adventure Park

‘Adventure is not outside man, it is within’
- George ilot

Adventure is to enjoy life and to be adventurous is one of the essential things required to live a happy and a healthy life. Different kinds of adventure are associated with different kinds of people. Talking about the kids, they are the most adventurous people on this earth as they do not find the real meaning of being adventurous. For them adventure is to go to fun parks and enjoy.

Each group was accompanied by a volunteer. The kids were first provided a light breakfast and then taken to the rides. Children enjoyed the rides like ‘the Burma bridge’, ‘Zip Line’, ‘Rope climbing’. There were some animal rides too like the ‘Camel cart ride’, ‘Bullock cart ride’, a ride on the ‘Tractor’. All these rides gave children an opportunity to have a glimpse of the present village life and the means of transportation used there. The Eco Park was set in the midst of a village area and it was so made that it gave the entire look of village people, their work and their living style. There were some equipment’s installed like the ‘Charkha weaving’, ‘making of white thread from cotton balls’ which was very fascinating. Apart from all this, the children also enjoyed dancing on their favourite numbers.

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17th February 2016 – Fitness Mantra – Class I-B

‘Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be.’

A very nice quote says,’ keep jumping to keep your heart pumping’. The quote is very much true in itself. In today’s hectic and occupied life, we human beings barely get time to keep ourselves fit and healthy and lead a happy and energetic life. Staying fit is very important. Our body is a machine. Just like a machine requires frequent greasing to keep going on smoothly, in the same manner the human body also needs regular greasing in the form of exercise to keep it going on. Talking about the exercise, two things that come to our mind are - Yoga and Aerobics. Both these forms of the exercises help keep our body fit and healthy.

To showcase the importance and benefits of Yoga and Aerobics, a very informative assembly was presented by the students of class I-B of our school. The kids presented the merits of doing regular exercise including the benefits of Yoga and Aerobics. It was a very playful enactment, showing kids doing exercise in the park, telling the benefits associated with it. Few of the students also showcased different forms of yoga asana. The importance of Aerobics was shown in the form of an exercise song. It was a very energizing and beautiful assembly. The importance and benefits of both yoga and aerobics were presented very beautifully and in a precise manner. The kids enjoyed a lot…

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16th February 2016 - Meeting with the Space Celebrity - SUNITA WILLIAMS

Students and teachers of Sachdeva Global School got a wonderful opportunity to meet the world renowned NASA astronaut, Ms. Sunita Williams at Indian Islamic Centre, New Delhi on Friday 16-2-16. The excitement to meet and share her experience of space with us was much awaited from the time we heard of her arrival.

She interacted and entertained us whole heartedly which influenced children to take more interest in space exploration.

Her inspiring words infused zeal and vigour in the students in a profound way.

Ms. Sunita Williams told us how she was prepared for over two years before the space trip, actually going into the space with her crew members, living there with no gravity, flying all over the spaceship, her sleeping pattern, food habits etc. in space. All this was shown to the students with the help of a live video.

It left them awe-struck and wondering over the nuances of space exploration by getting enticed by the phenomenal space journey. To the creation of nature they had just one word “Wow”.

9th February 2016 – Vasant Panchami


Vasant Panchami marks the beginning of the spring season. The festival serves different importance in different states of India. Like in the eastern parts of the country, particularly West Bengal, it is celebrated as Saraswati Puja while in the states like Punjab and Bihar, it is celebrated as the festival of kites. On this day, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and art, Saraswati Ma, is worshipped with great fervour and enthusiasm.

In order to highlight the importance of Vasant Panchami in the life’s of the people of our country, a beautiful assembly was presented by the students of class I-A of our school. The children were yellow attire, which is considered to be the colour of Basant. The religious importance of the festival was presented very beautifully by the children, followed by a dance by the girls on the song ‘Hey Sharde Ma’, which added to the entire beauty assembly. It was a flawless assembly enjoyed by all.

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