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25th March 2015 – Workshop of Health & Fitness

In an effort towards maintaining a healthy team of teachers, A workshop on health and fitness called ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ was organized in SGS on 25th March 2015. The teachers brimmed with enthusiasm and energy, as the workshop was scheduled at 08:00 in the morning. The session was divided into three parts of 45 minutes each. The first session was an exercise session involving cardio and pushups. It was a rather enchanting sight to see the entire staff following the guidelines of the resource person Mr. Vikas Soni and prodding him for the correct posture. The second session was an informative one where the speaker informed the audience of the nutritional quality of food items and also busted a number of myths associated with crash diets and weight loss programs. The teachers listened intently and some could be seen jotting down notes diligently. Finally, the third session was a question/answer session, wherein the teachers put forward their doubts regarding health and nutrition. All the queries were effectively answered by Mr. Vikas Soni and the workshop came to end.

In a nutshell, it was an enriching session after which the teachers were left feeling rejuvenated and active for the rest of the day. It was a unique session as not only where the teachers theoretically informed about the benefit of certain exercises, but were also made to do those exercises. They were left yearning for more when the session ended and could be heard taking about it in animated tones throughout the day.

21st March 2015 – Orientation Programme

The Orientation Programme was held on 21st March 2015 to introduce parents of new Kindergarten children to the culture of SGS school. The event witnessed the presence of Kindergarten parents along with their little ones who also arrived with them. Numerous fun filled activities were organized which kept the toddlers busy and happy.

The Vice Chairman, Sh. Anil Sachdeva, graced the occasion with his inspiring words, where he focused on the joint partnership of parents and the school in nurturing children’s holistic development.

The parents were acquainted with the teaching methodologies, International policies, Global exposure given to the children and various social and environmental activities initiated by the school.

The Guest speaker for the evening, Dr. Rima Sehgal, a renowned psychologist and counselor, had the gathering glued to their seats, with her gripping stories and examples on relationships. Be it husband-wife, mother-child, Teacher – Student – Parent relationship, she touched all aspects. The essence of the session was “quality time is more valuable for a child rather than providing them with material comforts and pleasures”.

The evening oriented everyone to a new beginning and set the mood for the upcoming session.

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14th March 2015 – Graduation Day Kindergarten

Sachdeva Global School, organized “Graduation Day Ceremony” for the little toddlers of Blooms on Saturday, 14th March 2015. Sh. Anil Sachdeva, Vice Chairman of the school was the honorable chief guest of the function. The programme started with the welcoming of the chief guest followed by lighting of lamp by Sh. Anil Sachdeva and Head of the School Mrs. Novita Chopra.

The programme showcased the uniqueness of Sachdeva Global School. The function commenced with the auspicious “Ganesh Vandana” followed by ‘Orchestra and Choir’. The little narrators took the parents through a tour of various colours, which was the theme of the function. There were mesmerizing performances by the young learners of Buds and Blooms. The tiny tots exhibited their confidence through the entire cultural extravaganza. The colourful costumes and enthusiasm of young Globalities won everyone’s heart. After the Grand Finale, Blooms students shared their experiences of their kindergarten years which they will cherish for life.

In the end, the young Graduates, dressed up in their blue Graduation robes were felicitated by Mr. Anil Sachdeva. The young achievers were rewarded with certificates for being promoted. They displayed their success and happiness by throwing their caps high. Everyone appreciated the efforts of tiny tots. It was a glorious day for all.

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5th March 2015 – Assembly Holi (Class I-A)

The brightness of colours, the sweetness of Gujiya and the cheerfulness of the atmoshphere, all these things combine in the joyous festival of Holi. To celebrate this festive feel, the students of class I-A presented before us an assembly on Holi.

The bright sunny morning set within us, the true mood of the festival. The assembly began by the crisp and short speeches of the students, telling us about the significance of the festival like burning of Holika, Dhulendi, colours, sweets etc.

They further showed us how the people play with colours or ‘Gulaal’ as students sprinkled ‘Gulaal’ over each other. Later a beautiful skit was presented on the harmful effects of synthetic colours and how we should avoid playing with them. It was so eye-catchy, that the message reached each and every student present in the assembly very conveniently. The assembly was concluded by a beautiful dance performance on a ‘Holi’ theme song. It was such pleasant presentation that the head of the school Mrs. Novita Chopra, clearly termed them as a “surprise package”.

4th March 2015 – Unfolding the Time’s Blessing (Class II-B)

"Time delivers opportunities, hold them with care and nurture like a child, to let the beautiful memories reside in your heart forever ...."

A special assembly on the topic- Unfolding the Time's Blessings” was organized by the children of class I I-B. The assembly gave children a brief stroll down the memory lane of the prior year. The assembly aimed at highlighting the activities and achievements of the previous year. Each child represented itself as a different month of the year and spoke beautiful lines emphasizing upon the activities that were held in that particular month.

All the children spoke with a lot of poise and the amalgamation props added exquisiteness to the performance of the young children. The children culminated the assembly with the poem titled " Great Expectations" which served the two fold purpose of bidding good bye to the academic session 2013-14 and welcoming the new session with new hope and aspirations.

The assembly also laid stress on the importance of time, as it aimed at spreading the message that time is priceless and it blesses us with endless opportunities in life. Stimulating thoughts like "Those who waste time complaint of its brevity" and " The opportunities that time bestowed yesterday are the beautiful memories of today" served as the food for thought for everybody. The assembly was a successful effort by the young children and made the spectators nostalgic.

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