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28th June 2014 - HT Workshop: The Way to Happiness

To inoculate happy and healthy human beings, it is imperative that their mentors. Lead a happy, peaceful and centered life. Towards this end. SGS tilled “Way to Happiness” in association with “The way to Foundation India” on 28th July 2014.

It was an illuminating session with the speaker, Mr. Rohit Sharma, having the teachers glued to their seats through the medium of videos, games and discussions. The session started at 09:30 in the morning with a discussion on happiness and justice. There were videos with brief anecdote demonstrating twenty one key ideas to attain happiness in life. These ideas revolved around interpersonal relationships, moral values and ethics. The entire workshop claimed to provide a common sense guide to a better living. The teachers participated in the discussions enthusiastically and had an enriching interactive session with the speaker. They brainstormed about the meaning of justice, values, morality and various other significant issues. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session and pitched in with different suggestions. In a nutshell, it was an active start towards the forthcoming session.

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(24th - 27th) June 2014 - ABACUS Workshop

In an endeavour to materialize the concept of a performing teacher, Sachdeva Global School conducted an intensive workshop dwelling upon the maxims of Abacus. It was a full-fledged 4-day certified programme from 24th June to 27th June for the teachers of classes Buds – II from Sachdeva Global School, Queens Valley School & S R World School. The workshop was an enriching experience inclusive of the comprehensive calculations followed by a thorough practice in the form of worksheets. It proved to be a boon leading to its crux through the evaluation of teachers in the form of a viva and a written test. Eventually the HoS of Sachdeva Global School, Mrs. Novita Chopra applauded the teachers’ efforts by giving away the certificates. In a nutshell, it served its motto of making abacus operational in the classroom situation for optimum learning.

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24th June 2014 – Workshop on Student Teacher Rapport

Who is a teacher? It is not someone who merely teaches or preaches, but one who inspires the students to put forth their best. In this sense, she is a facilitator and guide. But she also needs to be a friend, a compassionate figure and an ideal to follow. So it is important for a teacher to have a good rapport with the students. In order to ensure this, Sachdeva Global School organized a workshop on ‘Student Teacher Rapport’ on 24 June 2014 in collaboration with the Times of India. Mrs. Vandana Tandon was the spokesperson. She stressed on the importance of body language and stated that a teacher who is confident and has a smile on her face is the one who is able to win over the students.

She emphasized that a teacher needs to encourage and motivate every student in the class, and appreciate their good work.

In this interactive workshop, it was unanimously agreed that tone and voice modulation play a very important role and affect the student teacher relation. If a teacher uses the two magical words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, she can inculcate it very easily in the students as the students observe and follow her behavior and actions very minutely.

The workshop was successful in motivating each teacher to understand, empathize with and treat each student as a distinct personality with specific personality traits. The teachers felt refreshed and had a keen sense of pride in their role in society.

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