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31st January 2013 – Video Show

Video Show activity as part of their English Curricular was recently organized for students of class VII. Students eagerly participated in this interesting and engaging activity. The video show dealt with the various facts of television world from news reading to award shows Students did role play for reporters, interviewers, actors, TV host etc. The focus of the activity was on developing speaking, listening and organizational skills in students.

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30th January 2013 – Experiential Learning

A seminar on Experiential Learning organized by Creative Children Media was attended by Maths Teacher on 30th January 2013 at Apparel House, Gurgaon. Experiential learning, as the name suggests, means learning from experiences, observations and interaction. It is an innovative approach into education in which students actively engage in relevant and authentic experiences that reinforce academic lessons or teaching skills. These hands- on experiences deepen understanding and have lasting impact.

To provide more guidance on the topic a discussion was organized by the “Mr. H.O. Gupta (NCERT), Ms. Kadambari (member of British Schools), Ms. Richa Agnihotri (Step by Step School, Noida) and Ms. Katherine Rose (member of creative children media) were a great source of guidance.

According to the experiential learning means - doing and learning. Thus one makes discoveries and experiments with knowledge instead of reading about others’ experiences. Experiential activities are among the most powerful teaching and learning tools available.

In experiential learning individuals are encouraged to involve themselves directly in the experience and then to reflect on their same using analytical skills in order to gain better understanding of the new knowledge and retain the information for a longer time.

Thus a teacher should design more and more of activities keeping the four H’s in mind:

HANDS ON: doing an activity
HEAD ON: brain- storming
HEART ON: enjoyable
HEALTH ON: physical fitness.

The workshop was a huge learning experience for the teacher.

30th January 2013 – Inter House Skating Competition

Skating is a great way to participate in a fitness activity that benefits both the mind and body.

Sachdeva Global School organized an Inter House Skating Competition on Wednesday, 30th January 2013.

Teams of all the four houses were full of energy and enthusiasm. The show began with the performance of Glory House followed by Harmony, Peace and Pride Houses respectively. Participants of each team exhibited their individual skills followed by the team performance which included the electrifying skating stunts that left everyone speechless. Pride House was adjudged 1st and Peace House was adjudged 2nd in the competition. It was an interesting and exciting competition for all other students as well who were seated as spectators and were cheering for their own houses.

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24th January 2013 – Fancy Dress Competition

Today we Indians are forgetting the importance of this hard earned freedom for our Nation. In remembrance of the great leaders and warriors who fought for our country, ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ theme – Freedom Fighters was held on 24th January 2013. The students of classes I & II were dressed in appropriate costumes as worn by their favourite freedom fighter. The competition was bought close to reality by the students speaking the popular dialogues of the freedom fighters. The audiences enjoyed the character of Subhash Chandra Bose when he said- ‘Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhe Aazadi Dunga’ and was followed by many more such performances. The dialogues used by them were encouraging for the children and the participants were given appreciation certificates to boost their morale.

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22nd January 2013 - Annual Day Celebration

In recognition of the excellent achievements of its students in all spheres, Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka celebrated its Annual Day on 22 Jan 2013. SGS, Dwarka is a premier educational institute which provides its students with a rigorous and innovative educational program where they are inspired to pursue their passions and lead lives of purpose and excellence.

Commemorating the 64th Republic Day of the nation, the theme of the Annual Day Celebration was “Sabrang - Ek sang; the Colours of India”. The students presented a cultural extravaganza showcasing the diversity of states, languages, music and dances of our country. A rocking orchestra and Fusion music by the talented students were a treat to the audience. Awards in various categories from academics to sports to performing arts were given away to the deserving candidates. The Chief Guest of the function was none other than Sh. S. K. Sachdeva, Chairman, Sachdeva Group of Schools. The function was also attended by eminent educationists and members of the Managing Committee – Mrs. Kiran Gambhir, Dr. R. C. Chadha, Dr. S. N. Maheshwari, Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva and Mr. Anil Sachdeva. Mrs. Novita Chopra, Head of the School, felicitated the guests for their commendable contribution towards education.

The function was yet another milestone created by the school towards the motto-
“Excellence has no limits”!!

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13th January 2013 - Sachdeva Global School at Radisson Blu, Dwarka

Sachdeva Global School showed its dynamic presence in the field of education yet again in the School Fest organized at Radisson Blu, Dwarka on 13th January 2013. This event was organized and promoted by the ‘Times of India’. The SGS stall at the fest stood out from the rest of the stalls due to its uniqueness and innovativeness. The students showcased how they learn to create robots in school. The event proved to be a great platform for the parent community to understand and appreciate the holistic education provided to the students at SGS.

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10th January 2013 - Workshop on Experimental Learning

A workshop was conducted in Sachdeva Global School by the school’s Academic Supervisor – Mrs. Sumana Dutta on Experimental Learning and Multiples Intelligence. Experimental Learning and Multiple Intelligence.

The Ice breaker activity was “Spinning the Web” which involved sharing of feelings about one another. This activity set up – friendly mood for the workshop to begin.

The next activity was to depict an imaginary situation in pictorial form. This brought out the reality that the same instruction is interpreted, understood and reproduced in different ways by different individuals.

Mrs. Dutta then related this to the eight Multiple Intelligences in students which need to be addressed equally for effective understanding.

The third activity was to write about real experience vs others which have been heard / read about. Mrs. Dutta then brought out the need for learning to happen in classroom. Kolb’s Experiential Learning cycle was taught to the teachers as an extension of the same.

The teachers were enthused to put in innovation into their teaching and pledged to individual requirements of students so that they can prove the saying. “I teach a child, not a subject”.

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9th January 2013 - Workshop for Teachers on Behavioural Problems

In the present scenario, it has become essential for the teachers to deal with their students tactfully and to solve their behavioural problems. A workshop was conducted in Sachdeva Global School on 9th January 2013 by Mrs. Ira Sehgal an eminent Psychologist, on the topic ‘How to Tackle Students with Behavioural Problems’. She took up some of the common issues faced by the teachers. These included usage of abusive language, attention deficit, disrespectful behavior, ego issues and so on. She discussed each of these separately and gave solutions. She advised teachers to be positive in their approach, and not to use discouraging words with the students. She stressed on teachers to be patient while dealing with the difficult students. Mrs. Ira Sehgal narrated a few of her own experiences and how she handled those cases.

It was an interesting workshop and the teachers gained a lot from the session.

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9th January 2013 – Experiential Learning and Multiple Intelligence

‘I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place.’
Howard Gardener

Gone are the days when we used to talk about intelligence, we talked about IQ alone. Today, in this ever-evolving world, where making your presence felt is of utmost importance, the best way out is to show the depth of your grey matter.

In this view, teachers of SGS participated in an In-house workshop headed by school’s Academic head Mrs. Sumana Dutta Sarkar. The session was started by a couple of icebreaker activities wherein teachers of Nursery and Pre Primary levels were involved in a Phonetic drill while playing ring-a-roses and another being the best one-Talking positive things about the co-teacher by each one of them. This gave all the ‘individual’ teachers a sense of ‘group’ feeling. This was followed by an activity wherein the teachers were divided in different groups and experienced ‘Student centric’ and ‘Teacher centric’ methods of teaching young learners. In this process, teachers agreed to the fact completely that student can learn more effectively if they undergo an experience themselves. As teachers, we touch so many lives in more than one role that is of a teacher. We are actors for a three year old while narrators, musicians for a rhyme time and the list is endless. Multiple Intelligence inclusive of Moral, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Spatial, Intrapersonal, Naturalist, Spiritual and Existential Intelligence - were also elaborated in detail.

Hope is the lone weapon through which we, as teachers can keep the light of peace, faith and love shining bright. The workshop enlightened the teachers on the ways they can use in their teaching methodologies that will help them groom a child in a holistic manner.

(2-8) January 2013 – Skating Championship

Sangharsh Khandelwal of class XI-B was selected to participate in School Games Federation Skating Competition at National Level held at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium Bawana from 2nd January 2013 to 8th January 2013. Almost 450 skaters from all over India participated. He brought laurels to the school by winning 1 gold and 2 silver medals.

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