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30th August 2012 – All India Camel Colour Contest

“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the
poetry of sight”.

To enhance the creative potential among learners, ‘Camel Colour Contest’ was organized for classes (Buds – X), in collaboration with Camel Colours.

The event provided an opportunity to bring forth the childrens’ creative expressions and helped them to use their artistic and aesthetic sensibilities. Students were given different topics according to there age-groups. All students participated in the competition and displayed their creative art work.

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27th August 2012 – Visit to Old Age Home

Values of being respectful and caring towards the old, are ingrained in teaching learning at SGS.

A group of students representing classes V – X along with teachers visited the Old Age Home – ‘Godhuli’ in Dwarka.

Our students sang group songs and gave vibrant dance performances for the inmates of ‘Godhuli’, who felt delighted watching the entertaining programme. Some students also recited poems and cracked jokes to create a lively and light environment. All the elderly people played the games organized by SGS community, each one expecting to win the prize!

The students were praised by the elderly people, who were touched by their innocent gesture towards them. They expressed a desire that such visits be planned regularly by the school. Our students acquired a great learning experience and returned with increased sensitivity towards the aged.

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25th August 2012 – Science Exhibition

Continuing our tradition to promote scientific attitude among our young students, Science Exhibition was held in the school. Various science models were made by students, under teachers’ supervision. These were displayed in the school premises on the Parent Teacher Interaction day.

Students explained their work and models with great enthusiasm, to the parents who went round observing and appreciating them. The models made by the senior students illustrated the topics related to Green Energy, Disaster Management, Agriculture, Environment, Innovation in Transport and Bio-diversity. The primary students were not to be left behind, they set up jungle – scenes, aquarium, variety of nests and simple machine models along with a display of their ‘Holiday Home work’. This scientific effort by the SGS student-teacher community received whole-hearted appreciation from the parents.

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(17th-18th) August 2012 – Zonal Science Exhibition

With great enthusiasm and vigour the SGS student teacher team participated in the Zonal Science Exhibition-2012. The first round was organized at RPVV Sec-10, Dwarka.

Scientific projects made by students from various schools of Zone-21 were displayed in the exhibition.

An ‘Eco-Friendly House’ was made by students of class-X. They went ahead explaining the components and their working, effectively to all the visitors. The judges applauded the realistic and innovative ideas.

The SGS team was elated when it was declared that their model won at the zonal level. Students are now enthusiastically waiting for their final participation at Centre Level!

(16th-17th) August 2012 – Health is Wealth

“He who has health, has hope, and he who has hope, has everything”.

The school believes in the age old adage that health is wealth and celebrated Health Week.

A health check up was organized in the school, during the third week of August. A team of doctors & medics from Artemis Hospital, Sector-20, Dwarka, conducted the check up. A panel of three doctors, which included two physicians and one dietician examined the students in the school infirmary. The examination included height and weight measurements, blood pressure check up, eye tests, dental check up etc. Various diet issues were also addressed and everyone benfitted from the medical camp. Fortunately, the result was encouraging, as our students and staff were all deemed medically fit and healthy by the medical experts.

In the next phase of “Health Week” a dental workshop was organized in the school for the Primary students.

“It is said that with good care our teeth can last a lifetime”.

The workshop focused on the guidelines about brushing one’s teeth properly. A dentist, Dr. Ravina Singh, gave a presentation on how germs cause tooth decay. The workshop stressed on the need to protect our teeth and maintain its wellness. Childhood is the time to inculcate good habits in young minds, hence the workshop proved immensely beneficial for our youngsters and the significance of oral hygiene became clear to them.

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17th August 2012 – Personality Development Workshop

A Personality Development workshop was conducted for students of classes IX – XI. Mr. Rishab Khanna, Director of Les Transformations conducted the session. The session began with a brain storming session, with useful tips from Mr. Khanna on ways of improving one’s personality.

The students listened with rapt attention. The workshop provided our students with definite pointers that would be highly beneficial in future as well.

Some wonderful activities were also included in this workshop. These activities encouraged them to appreciate one another, helped them to understand the importance of formulating their objectives and discussing them. The students enjoyed the session and were highly motivated. The session ended on a positive note, with loads of encouraging guidelines towards stepping forward and achieving one’s goals.

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13th August 2012 - Independence Day Celebrations

Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka celebrated the Independence Day on Monday, 13th August 2012. Shri S. K. Sachdeva, Chairman, Sachdeva Global School, Mrs. Kiran Gambhir, Principal, Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura, Dr. S. N. Maheshwari, Director, Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies, Dr. R. C. Chadha and Mr. Anil Sachdeva, Members of Managing Committee were the guests of honour.

The function began with the hoisting of the flag. A motivational speech by the Chairman, Shri S. K. Sachdeva, charged the gathering with a patriotic spirit. This was followed by the release of the school song CD, accompanied by its pulsating rendition by the school choir. A play was staged by the students of middle wing in which they appealed to everyone to maintain communal harmony. A fabulous patriotic dance performance, which was a fusion of the Indian and western styles, by the senior students added to the spirit of the occasion and kept the audience spell bound. Everyone sang ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achcha…’ in the finale as release of tri-coloured balloons by the dignitaries marked the successful closing of the Independence Day celebrations.

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