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26 अप्रैल 2012 - अंतर्विद्यालय एकल अभिनय प्रतियोगिता

24th April 2012 - Movie Show: Adventure of Tin-Tin

Students of SGS were taken into a world of adventure and fantasies when they were taken for the screening of the film, ‘ADVENTURES OF TIN-TIN’. It was an HT PACE initiative which gave students an opportunity to think beyond books and curriculum. The children squealed in delight at every twist in the tale. It was hilarious and they enjoyed immensely. The experience brought them closer to theatre and its nuances.

20th April 2012 - Earth Day

'Earth Day' was celebrated with the usual fanfare in the school. Mr. Ashish Shah, Deputy Programme Manager of the Environment Education Unit of CSE (Center for Science and Environment) was the special guest. On this occasion a special assembly was conducted and students presented a skit ‘Save Mother Earth’. The message was, stop pollution and grow more trees to maintain a greener and cleaner Earth. A self composed poem ‘Earth Day - My Way’ was recited by students and drew a huge applause.

Mr. Ashish Shah shared his views on the need of preserving and protecting Mother Earth. He reiterated that if we don't save the Earth now, our future generations may not enjoy life on it for long. To mark the event, saplings were planted. Mr. Shah appreciated the school’s effort to save, recycle and reuse paper. He held a session on ‘Hand-Made Paper Making. It was an interesting session for the students who watched in sheer amazement, step by step process of converting old paper into pulp and finally into new paper. They pledged to use this technique and produce handmade paper through the year and use it in the best possible ways.

It is imperative for everyone to realize the grave importance of saving environment from further collapse and preserving it for the future.

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20th April 2012 – Conference on E-Waste

Continuing the celebration of earth day in school, one teacher from SGS along with two students went to St. Mary School Dwarka to attend the conference on E – waste organized by Nokia.

The objective of the conference was to create awareness about the emerging threats of electronic waste and to establish a road map to enable responsible recycling process.

Students found the visit important and valuable.

19th April 2012 - Grocery Bag Project

The Grocery Bag Project was done by the students of the whole school. This is the third consecutive year of continuing to spread awareness about the use of paper bags rather than plastic. Students coloured and decorated the eco friendly grocery bags brought from local Grocers and wrote slogans and messages for saving the planet by conserving water, energy and trees. They made beautiful posters and wrote their messages on them.

These bags were returned to the Grocery Stores in Dwarka, where the customers got the message loud and clear! Students met the customers in the stores and urged them to use handmade bags made of cloth or jute and say "NO” to plastic bags, thereby ensuring a cleaner and greener planet Earth.

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19th April 2012 - Inter House Badminton Match

“All study and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

Keeping this in mind an Inter House Badminton Match was organized on Thursday, 19th April 2012 for students of Classes VI – IX. The matches were played on knock-out basis with each team having six members. In the first round Pride House defeated Peace House by 2 - 0. In the second match Glory House defeated Harmony House by 2 – 1.

The final match was held between teams of Glory and Pride in which Glory House won by 2 – 0. The students found this event extremely refreshing as they were active throughout the event and they played with zeal.

13th April 2012 - Best Out of Waste

“Let the waste not be a problem,
let the waste serve a purpose”

Students of Classes IX – X came up with a novel way of using old newspapers and magazines to make useful things. Old newspaper was rolled to make paper straws in large numbers. Groups of students worked in teams and pasted these straws on boards of different sizes thus creating paper trays. Paper twisting art was effectively used to make handles for these light but sturdy trays.

It was a fun-filled activity. Students enjoyed doing it, proudly displaying their creation at the end and realizing that recycled paper can be put to so many uses!
Let us go green!

10th April 2012 - Paper Bag Making Workshop

Planet Earth is facing a serious environmental threat and SGS realizes the importance of taking action to overcome this problem. To sensitise students about the significance of re-usable and ecofriendly items like paper bags instead of plastic bags, Paper Bag Making workshop was organised in school in collaboration with HT(NIE). In this workshop, the Resource Person showed the students how to make paper bags with old News Papers. Students learnt to make paper bags and personalised them by decorating and writing their thoughts and messages on them. Being an active member of Green School Programme, GSP, the school believes in making students responsible towards the environment and use only paper bags instead of plastic bags, and help in preventing pollution!

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