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30th September 2011 – Trip to Traffic Training Park

Traffic on roads consists of pedestrians, vehicles, street cars, conveyances and sometimes herded animals. Traffic laws govern and regulate vehicles on road. 'Traffic Training Park', as the name suggests, was set up to create awareness about traffic signals and correct way of using vehicles on road. Students of Classes Saplings-Blooms visited the Traffic Training Park, Punjabi Bagh on Friday, 30th September 2011. In the park, signs, signals, markings and other features were used to make the priority on using road explicitly.

Students also noticed Zebra crossing, Traffic lights and Pedestrian Pathway and understood appropriate usage of these. Traffic rules and signs were displayed on a big board and the students sang the rhyme - 'What do the Signals Say'. While exploring the training park, the students came across models of important places like bus stop, school, hospital etc. The kids enjoyed a ride on the mini train which they boarded from a miniature of a Railway station.

Furthermore, they observed three different aircrafts - a fighter plane, a helicopter and an aeroplane, which were parked in a miniature Airport. The trip was an enriching experience for all the young learners enabling them to imbibe the traffic rules and road safety measures. This experience will be retained in their memoirs for a lifetime and help in grooming them into well informed road users in future.

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29th September 2011 – Fancy Dress Competition

A Fancy Dress Competition was organized for children of Class I. The theme being ‘Neighbourhood Services’, children came dressed as Policeman, Teacher, doctor, Postman, Traffic Police, Cobbler, Vegetable Seller etc. The enthusiasm and zeal with which the children participated and performed was commendable.

Result of IA :

Result of IB :

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29th September 2011 - Dussehra

Festivals are meant to be celebrated together. Keeping this spirit alive, Dussehra - a festival symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness was celebrated by the SGS community with great enthusiasm and fanfare. A special assembly was conducted by students Class V and ‘Ram Leela’ staged by of little ones of Buds C.

The tiny tots came to the school dressed in different characters of the Ramayana - Dashratha, Kaushalaya, Rama, Laxmana, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana etc for the Ram Leela. The whole Ramayana was depicted in abridged form. The mock fight between the armies of Lord Rama and Ravana ended with a scene of victory of good over evil. Class V students did the narrations and presented a dance drama which left everyone spell bound. The Dussehra celebration concluded with the symbolic burning of the effigy of Ravana.

The idea of celebrating festivals like Dussehra is to imbibe cultural values into the children and also to connect them to the Indian value system. Through this special assembly, they were informed about the religious and mythological history of India.

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28th September 2011 - A Trip to Nehru Planetarium

To break the monotony of routine school life and help in expanding the knowledge about Our Universe, Sachdeva Global School organised an educational trip to Nehru Planetarium for students of Classes II-V. This trip was designed to enrich learning related to astronomy in the Planetarium and explore facts concerning the freedom struggle in the adjoining Museum. They visited the Sky Theatre which opened new windows of knowledge and brought them closer to the astronomical facts. They were also exposed to the life of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru - his works and philosophy along with the main events related to India’s freedom struggle in the museum. It was a memorable experience for the students and to the wonders of space and nature, they just had one word - WOW! They enjoyed the visit and returned enriched and inspired from the experience. It was an amalgamation of joy and learning for them.

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22nd September 2011 – Talent Hunt ‘Silver Steps…’

We at SGS believe that every
person is born with talent.

Talent Hunt - ‘Silver Steps…’ was organized by the school for classes I–V on Thursday, 22nd September 2011. It provided a platform for the students to present their innate talents in the fields of Music, vocal as well as instrumental and Dance, classical and western.

These participants mesmerized the audience by their wonderful performances and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. The gala affair came to an end with the results being declared. Headmistress, Dr. Amita Saxena gave away certificates to the winners and appreciated their ability to perform so well.

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14 सितम्बर 2011 - हिन्दी दिवस

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09th September 2011 – Zonal Science Activity 2011

If It is green or wriggles, its Biology
If it stinks, its Chemistry
If it does work, its Physics

As SGS, we believe that the best way of learning science is by doing. SGS provides ample opportunities to nurture and bring out students inherent talents.

Students of SGS participated in Zonal Science Activities held on Friday, 9th September 2011. A model on the theme ‘Disaster Management’ was prepared by class IX students and displayed in the Zonal Science Exhibition. Their work was appreciated and the model was selected at the Central Level.

Students from Classes III-V participated in Zonal Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competitions and won the following prizes.

Poster Making Kirandeep Kaur Bindra V I
Slogan Writing Kavya Manchanda IIIB I
Science Model Making Divyansh  Malhotra

IX     IX Science Model

All the winners were awarded ‘Certificates of Appreciation’ by Zonal Science Convener Dr. T. P. Singh & Education Officer Mr. N. C. Kaushik.

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5th September 2011 – Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teachers are the harbingers of knowledge, in students’ lives. Teacher’s Day is that momentous event where students engage in unbridled capacity to shower their love, adoration and respect for their teachers.

Teacher’s Day at SGS was celebrated on Monday, 5th September 2011.

It was a day of power packed sensational performances by students.

Students recited shlokas, sang beautiful songs and performed foot tapping dances. A skit highlighting the importance of teachers in students’ life was also staged.

The programme ended with an inspiring speech by the Headmistress encouraging the students to implement all values instilled in them, thus giving a true tribute to their teachers.

In the afternoon, a sumptuous feast was organized by the school for the teachers. Fun filled activities, games, songs and dances made this party extremely enjoyable.

Musical titles given to the staff members were highly appreciated.

Happy Teachers Day to all wonderful Teachers!

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