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24th to 27th June 2011 – Teachers’ Workshop

Teachers are facilitators in the growth and development of a child. They help to fill in gaps in the students’ learning process. For their professional growth SGS organized workshops which were attended with enthusiasm by the teachers. The workshops that were conducted for teachers were:

Foreign Language Workshop - to make them familiar with French Language and its usage.

Computer Workshop - to increase and improve their basic computer knowledge and application.

Workshop for Marian Richardson Script - to introduce the script to the new teachers and to assess the abilities of whole teaching community.

The teachers felt that these workshops not only helped to broaden their horizon but also gave them the immense joy of learning new things, giving them better abilities to carry on their duties as facilitators.

24th to 27th June 2011 – Vedic Mathematics Workshop

Vedic Mathematics deals with methods which result in faster calculation. Math and Science teachers of SGS attended a three days Vedic Mathematics Workshop. The aim of this workshop was to enable teachers to calculate with accuracy in fraction of seconds. The resource person Ms. Reena Narang introduced the methods involving Mathematical Operations of Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. She also explained :
  • Squaring,
  • Cubing,
  • Square-Roots,
  • Cube-Roots,
  • Digit – sum check,
  • Multiplication by series of 1, 3, 6 and 9,
  • Base method,
  • Magic Squares and
  • Simultaneous Linear Equations.

The workshop concluded by assessing the participants’ learning through assignments and assessments based on the content covered in the workshop. The workshop was definitely an excellent one and helped the teachers to become masters in calculation.

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