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Activities @ SGS
Activities @ SGS Dec 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS Dec 2018 (I - II)
Activities @ SGS Dec 2018 (III - V)
Activities @ SGS Dec 2018 (VI - IX)
Activities @ SGS Nov 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS Nov 2018 (I - II)
Activities @ SGS Nov 2018 (VI - X)
Activities @ SGS Nov 2018 (III - V)
Activities @ SGS Oct 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS Oct 2018 (Classes I - II)
Activities @ SGS Oct 2018 (III - V)
Activities @ SGS Oct 2018 (VI - X)
Activities @ SGS Sept 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS Sept 2018 (I - II)
Activities @ SGS Sept 2018 (III - V)
Activities @ SGS Sept 2018 (VI - X)
Activities @ SGS Aug 2018 (Classes VI -X)
Activities @ SGS Aug 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS Aug 2018 (I & II)
Activities @ SGS Aug 2018 (CIasses III - V)
Activities @ SGS July 2018 (Classes VI-XII)
Activities @ SGS July 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS July 2018 (I - II)
Activities @ SGS July 2018 (III - V)
Activities @ SGS April-May 2018 (I - II)
Activities @ SGS April-May 2018 (VI - X)
Activities @ SGS April-May 2018 (III - V)
Activities @ SGS April-May 2018 (Buds - Blooms)
Activities @ SGS February 2018 (BUDS - BLOOMS)
Activities @ SGS February 2018 (Classes I - II)
Activities @ SGS February 2018 (Classes III - V)
Activities @ SGS JANUARY 2018 (BUDS - BLOOMS)
Activities @ SGS JANUARY 2018 (Classes I - II)
Activities @ SGS JANUARY 2018 (Classes VI - X)
Activities @ SGS JANUARY 2018 (Classes III - V)

The school calendar is full of interesting activities which are planned keeping the academic and co-curricular set of courses in mind. Students participate whole heartedly in intra-class, inter-class and inter-house activities.

Expeditions, trips and excursions
India's topography, flora and fauna provide unparalleled resources for the expeditions and field visits which are demanded by our curriculum. Educational and adventure camps are part of the annual calendar and students regularly go to explore, appreciate and connect with nature. This strengthens the bonds of interdependence and helps our students understand and value natural resources. It also teaches them adaptability and conservation.

Talks, seminars and workshops
A comprehensive program of talks, seminars and workshops on personal hygiene, growing - up, drugs and family relationships is held each year at appropriate levels in the school.

Various activities like dramatics, elocution, quiz, group-dance, debates and declamations, rangoli, poem recitation, singing are organized not only to tap the talents of the children but to widen the horizon in every field.

The morning assembly on every important day or festival is informative as well as enjoyable. Special assemblies are organized on the occasion of all major festivals of India.

  • Independence Day Celebrations
  • Teacher's Day Celebrations
  • Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations
  • Children's Day Celebrations
  • Deepawali Celebrations
  • Id and Gurupurab celebrations
  • Christmas and New Year's Eve Celebrations
  • Special days of national and international importance like International Peace Day, Health day, Army Day etc.

The school organizes events like, annual fairs, contests, sports, cultural programs, volunteer programs and clubs for all interests.

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