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Sumana Dutta Sarkar
"Education is not the filling of the pail,
but lighting of the fire within"

- William B Yeats

Learning for the millennium kids cannot restrict itself to cognition alone, but must go way beyond and encompass a thorough understanding and most importantly, application of the knowledge gained. Each student today is a reservoir of a multitude of information, and it becomes the onus of the school to sift and sort this info-pandemonium into meaningful and significant knowledge. Nurturing this academic quest along with inculcation of sensibility and sensitivity must be the prime focus of any institution imparting education.

True to its motto "Excellence has No Limits", Sachdeva Global School goes beyond all trends to indoctrinate each student with a unique blend of national pride and international outlook. The school provides a conducive, competitive, yet collaborative environment to make each student identify his/her strengths, realize his/ her true potential and contribute his/ her utmost towards a better society. At SGS, a student is inspired to continuously compete with himself, breaking his own records of excellence and creating new milestones. Each member of the SGS family is committed towards this mantra of "striving to be the best". The same is reflected in the huge number of accolades and honours gained regularly by the school in curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular forums.

SGS owes special gratitude to its parent fraternity who are equal partners in our journey towards creating healthy and happy individuals who will be the true leaders of tomorrow!!

Best Wishes
(Sumana Dutta Sarkar)
Head of School

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